Former WWE tag team champions The Headbangers, Chaz Warrington (Mosh) and Glen Ruth (Thrasher), recently spoke with Raj Giri of about their time in the WWF and returning as a tag team. Here is part two of the interview, you can check out part one of the interview at this link, where they talk about being back together, being in the WWF in the 90’s, the Monday night wars and more.

WrestlingINC: You had a period when you were out of the public eye. What were you guys doing during that time?

Glen: Once I got released I was out completely. I did a couple things here and there then I landed with? I was actually an area supervisor for a pizza chain. I don’t want to mention their name because I don’t want them to get any publicity off of this. I did that for about 6-7 years. Once I got released I was out. Maybe after that I did one or two independent shows but after that I was totally out.

WrestlingINC: Chaz, you were performing in Florida, right?

Chaz: Yeah, I did indies here and there.

WrestlingINC: What about TNA? Is that something you’d be interested in?

Chaz: If you look at the videos we’ve done we’ve made fun of WWE tag champs, TNA tag champs, Ring of Honor tag champs. At this point we’re just looking for whoever’s going to give us an opportunity to showcase that we can still do what we’ve always done. I know they’re like, ‘Oh, you guys are old now. You guys are has-beens. You guys were around 15 years ago.’ Put us in the ring with anybody that can go right now and I guarantee we can still go toe to toe with them. Whoever’s willing to give us the opportunity; that’s what we’re looking for. The only company that has seemed to do that so far is JCW, Juggalo Championship Wrestling. We’ve done a few shows for them. They’re booking us on everything and we’ve proven that we can still go just like everyone else can. Age means absolutely nothing.

Glen: Especially when you don’t have the wear and tear on your body like we haven’t in the past 11 years.

Chaz: The funniest part for me just recently is I read a thing where possibly [Rob] Van Dam might be going back to the WWE when his contract’s up. I believe Van Dam is older than us. If Van Dam can still go being 40, 41 then why can’t we?

WrestlingINC: Have you been keeping up with the product the past 10 years?

Chaz: Off and on. Sometimes it’s a little painful to watch because I think back to when we were there and before us. I think the quality was a lot better back then and it’s painful to watch because you’re aggravated watching some of these guys work. How come they’re there and we’re not? It’s a little frustrating but it is what it is. We’re looking at it as though we’re starting at the bottom again, working our way back up and like I said – opportunity.

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on the product today? It’s completely different.

Chaz: When I watch it, it’s like cookie cutter. To me, there are no characters anymore. You had Stone Cold who hated his boss. You had Shawn [Michaels] who was the cocky prick. You had DX who would just go out there and just try to make fun of people. That’s what we did. We did parodies of people. We went out there and we just had a good time. You had different characters that the fans could relate to.

Now you have everyone either trying to come out and be the Stone Cold character by, ‘I’m a big badass and I can kick everyone’s ass.’ Everyone wears the same thing – trunks and boots. There’s no different styles or get ups or outfits or gimmicks or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Glen: There’s no individualism.

Chaz: Right, it’s all kind of the same. You can see they’re all going through the farm school. They’re all coming out looking the same. That’s the big difference when we had territories. Everyone had time to develop their own thing. That’s just my opinion on what I watch now. It’s pretty much everyone coming out, looking the same and going through the same thing. You got the guys who are trying to act like Stone Cold and you got the other guys who are trying to act like Rocky by just kicking out one liners.

WrestlingINC: If WWE or TNA wanted to bring you in but wanted to give you another gimmick – is that something you’re open to?

Chaz: It would depend. It’s definitely something we’d be open-minded about to listen to and talk about. The thing with the Headbanger gimmick is that it wasn’t a gimmick. That was us. We were just goofballs who got in the ring, could wrestle and wanted to have fun and entertain people. That’s what we wanted to do. That’s what we’re looking to do now. If that’s marketable, if we think we can make it work then sure. That’s who we are. Then again, we’re open-minded. We’re not stupid; we’re open-minded.

WrestlingINC: What was competing at JCW’s New Year’s show like?

Glen: Tremendous. It was awesome. That’s our crowd. People were partying, they were joking, they were laughing, some people were cheering us, some people were booing us. It was just a great time. Nothing’s better than being in the ring where they’re yelling at you or cheering you or spitting at you, throwing s–t at you. It doesn’t matter; it’s all fun.

WrestlingINC: Did it take some time to reform that chemistry teaming together again?

Chaz: It was like we were in the ring last week.

Glen: That’s the bizarre part about the whole thing. We didn’t tag for 10 years and when we get back in, it was like it was never gone.

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on TNA?

Glen: I don’t watch it that much so I don’t know. TNA’s one of those shows where I flip it on and if something catches my eye I’ll watch it. If not then I keep going. I don’t have a big opinion on it.

WrestlingINC: It does seem like they a little more of an emphasis on their tag team division, though.

Chaz: That’s exactly what I was just going to say. They do put some kind of emphasis on the tag team division. That’s what kind of attracts me a little bit, watching some of the guys and stuff like that. We still believe in the old fashion way of tag team. I don’t know if this is the old school way of thinking about it but growing up everyone watched Demolition, the Samoan, the Hart Foundation.

Glen: Those were all legit tag teams and now it seems to be the way of just two guys together.

Glen: Now they’re out there shooting their videos, challenging two guys to get together and get a fancy name together. They’re challenging because they don’t have any challengers.

WrestlingINC: Who do you like watching today?


WrestlingINC: Hello?

Chaz: Exactly! I haven’t seen the new Ring of Honor show yet but from my understanding there’s a lot of tags there and there’s supposed to be like real tag teams. I don’t know. There’s really no tag teams out there that say, hey, this is a great team,’ and we’d like to work with them.

WrestlingINC: Do you feel like with your last run in the WWF that you didn’t get to accomplish everything you wanted to?

Glen: I feel like we have another chapter to right. I feel like we have unfinished business. We still got some?

Chaz: I think we still have a lot in the gas tank. We have a lot to offer in the ring and out of the ring. I think we can contribute a lot in the ring to entertain and I think there’s a lot we can do behind the scenes with helping the younger talent. Like I said, there’s still tons of time out there. We still have lots of years left on the bodies and minds and stuff like that. One word – opportunity.

WrestlingINC: Have you guys heard anything from any of the organizations?

Glen: There’s been some chatter.

WrestlingINC: Ideally, I take it you’d like to see yourselves back in WWE?

Chaz: Ideally we’d like to go where it makes sense for us, professionally and financially.

WrestlingINC: Are there any current teams that you think you’d match up with well?

Glen: There’s really not many others. Like I said, we can do a power match with Crimson & [Matt] Morgan. We’ve done that with LOD. We’ve done it with them and we can fly around. We’ve flown around with the Hardy’s. We’ve flown around with Edge and Christian, the Dudleys. We can fly around with Air Boom. We can do all of it.

WrestlingINC: Do you have any final words for the readers of the website and your fans?

Chaz: Just follow us on Twitter. I have more followers than Glen does. You can reach me at @ChazMosh.

Glen: Which isn’t right. Mine’s @GrThrasher.

Chaz: Follow us on there. Just let everyone know what you want. You want the return of the Headbangers, the most tremendous tag team in the history of wrestling, the tag team champions of the universe.

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