Tenay sends it to the back where JB is standing along with Sting. JB talks briefly about Hardy last year in his match against Sting, and his road to redemption. Velvet Sky comes in and says she needs to talk to Sting. She says since Karen Jarrett has been fired, the new Knockouts VP should show loyalty, and she's the perfect candidate. She wants to talk about Madison Rayne, who's unofficially made herself the VP, and Sky won't have that. She asks if Sting has thought about who will replace Jarrett. She talks about the match between Mickie James and Gail Kim and says Rayne needs to be kept away. She whispers an idea in Sting's ear, but Sting says the crew wouldn't have time. Velvet says she's been working on the "Velvet touch" and Sting only needs to pull the trigger. Sting says go for it. Velvet runs off and Sting turns to Hardy. Sting says Hardy has done a lot for himself and he's in better condition than he's ever been in. He says any night can be Hardy's night. Sting says Roode is trying to one-up him at every turn but Sting is in charge, and Hardy will reinforce that tonight.

- Back out in the Impact Zone, Gunner makes his way out to the ring with Ric Flair in tow. He gets a lot of heat from the crowd. Rob Van Dam is out next, and the crowd seems pretty excited to see him.

Rob Van Dam vs. Gunner

Flair makes his way out to the floor and the bell rings. The crowd is 100% behind RVD. Both men lock up and RVD gets pushed off, only to come right back into another lock up and a head lock. Gunner pushes him off again and takes RVD down to the mat where the two trade holds. RVD takes Gunner over to the corner but Gunner is able to turn it around and he ends up burying his shoulder in Van Dam's stomach. Van Dam ends up flipping over Gunner in the corner and hitting a springboard dropkick in the opposite corner. Gunner is able to catch Van Dam with a couple of strikes, but RVD uses his speed to roll up Gunner in a cradle for two. Van Dam taunts Gunner and hits him with a stiff kick to the face when Gunner charges him.

Gunner bails to the outside and gets some quick advice from Flair before making his way back into the ring. Gunner catches Van Dam with a kick to the gut and he backs him into the corner, continuing to work over the midsection. Gunner whips Van Dam into the corner hard and hits a corner clothesline, going for the pin and getting two. Gunner hits RVD with a side slam and goes for another pin for another two count. Gunner tosses RVD to the outside and he's quick to follow, slamming RVD down on the arena floor before picking him up and throwing him into the ringside barricade. Gunner rips up the mats off the floor, and Earl Hebner argues with him, allowing Van Dam to recover a bit a drop Gunner with a big kick.

RVD sends Gunner back into the ring, hitting a slingshot leg drop from inside the ring out to the apron. RVD goes up to the top, but he's stopped cold by Gunner who heads up after him and taunts RVD before trying for a superplex. Van Dam is able to hit Gunner with a front suplex to send Gunner to the mat before hitting a top rope cross body for a near fall. Van Dam goes up in the opposite corner and hits a big single leg missile dropkick before following up with rolling thunder. Van Dam goes for the pin, but he still only gets two. Gunner heads to the outside to consult with Flair. RVD dives to the outside and Flair pulls Gunner out of the way. Flair argues with Hebner, allowing Gunner to DDT Van Dam on the arena floor where the mats were pulled back. Gunner hefts Van Dam back into the ring and goes for the pin, getting the three count.

Winner: Gunner

TNA trainers, including Al Snow and D-Lo Brown, make their way out to the ring quickly after the bell to check on Van Dam, and paramedics are quick to follow with a stretcher. The DDT is to Van Dam is shown again as Gunner screams incoherently and slaps himself, making his way up the ramp to the back. RVD is put in a neck collar and then onto a backboard.