Tully Blanchard, one of the cogs of the 4 Horsemen, was on Busted Open with Doug Mortman and Dave LaGreca on Sirius XM Radio, which you can hear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 2-4 ET on Sirius 94, XM 208. Here are highlights from the interview:

Why Barry Windham was chosen over other members for the Hall of Fame: “The most dynamic group that we had was with Barry. You had more guys that could perform with more opponents. Big, small, all sizes and that was the most powerful group we had. Lex Luger was an addition. He was just coming in to work for Crockett as Ole was on his way out. So it was a place to put Luger to try to get him instantly to a star status since he had such a great look and it worked and it worked for quite a while. But when we switched him to babyface and Barry came back as a heel you had 4 guys that who could perform with Andre the Giant or the Rock and Roll Express or The Road Warriors. We could go out with all shapes and sizes and go out and tear the house down, and that is where your dynamics and your benefit for your promotion came.”

On Triple H possibly inducting the 4 Horsemen: “He just shared with me in brief that he watched and appreciated everything we did, not just we, but he was talking about me specifically. Before he got into wrestling or at the start of his career, as he went in, if that is what he watched and that is what he molded himself after, then he would have a great amount of input on how the images of the 4 Horsemen blended together and affected him.”

His thoughts on JJ Dillon: “JJ is definitely one of the finest managers in my opinion, if not the best manager that the wrestling business has ever had, and I have known some good ones. But a lot of the very good ones were fighting for center stage with talent many times, and JJ never did that. He complemented everything that was done and not taking away from what the guy was doing in the ring or what the guys were doing in the ring. That made it very, very simple to go out and perform, just like you’re out there by yourself or in a tag team match and JJ could put the gas to the fire when you needed it.”

What he expects the night of the Hall of Fame: “Right now the biggest honor is to be in the WWE Hall of Fame, in the wrestling business. There will be twenty thousand people at the American Airlines Center that Saturday night watching it. If I am still on this earth, I’ll be there, and I’m planning on having my four children there with me. They were born after my wrestling career and they have not really grabbed hold of the fact of what I used to do. With the magnitude of this setting and with Wrestlemania and Saturday night and Fan Axxess. My children have never seen me in that big of a setting. They have been in a couple of autograph settings with me, but this is going to be a little eye opening for them.”