Elimination Chamber: Beth Phoenix Vs. Tamina Snuka (WWE Divas Championship)

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Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs Tamina Snuka

The match begins, and Beth sits on the middle rope and tells Tamina to get out of her ring. After Tamina ignores her, Beth goes to knock on Tamina's head. Tamina starts to chop her and take control of the match.

Tamina headbutts Beth and goes to the top rope. Before she gets to the top, Beth pushes her off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. Beth starts to slam Tamina's head on the floor and moves herself back into the ring as the ref starts to count Tamina out.

Tamina makes it into the ring at 8, and Beth continues the assault. Beth applies a headlock submission to Tamina, Tamina counters and hits Beth with the Samoan Drop. tamina goes to the top rope for the Superfly Splash, but Beth recovers and hits Tamina with a superplex.

The Divas make it to their feet and start to trade blows before Tamina gets the upper hand. Tamina hits Beth with a splash in the corner, followed by a super kick to the face. Tamina gets Beth into position for the Superfly Splash and successfully executes. Tamina goes for the pin, but Beth kicks out at two.

Tamina once again goes to the top rope for the Superfly Splash, but Beth rolls out of the ring. Tamina throws her back into the ring, but Beth takes control of the match and performs the Glam Slam on Tamina. Beth pins Tamina and gets 3.

Winner, and STILL Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix


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