Kurt Angle Comments On Punk - Brown Feud, Doubts Punk Could Beat Brown

Kurt Angle took to his Twitter to comment on the recent CM Punk - Chris Brown Twitter feud. You can check out what he wrote below:

"I Could Beat Chris Brown's Ass. I doubt if Punk Could. Lol. But Violence is Wrong! Brown Must Pay! I Agree.

"I Would Beat Chris Brown's Ass for What He Did. But trust Me- GOD Will Judge Him. Not Punk. Undertstand Now? No Violence!!!

"Nobody Needs to Point Out Chris Brown.It's Bigger than Him. Let's wage war Against Battered Women. Punk fighting Brown is Senseless. Get It?

"To those Who Don't Understand, I don't think Violence on Chris Brown is the Answer. It's all of Us Coming together to fight Women Battering!

"To my supporters, thnx. To everyone else kiss my @ss

"if I make Olympic team! What will You Say?

"I could beat any Wwe or Tna Wrestler in a match or fight. They will all tell You that.Idiot.

"ok. So more violence is needed? Hello. Coo coo? Punk wants to fight Brown?

"I Never supported Chris Brown. Ever. U R a moron who doesn't understand the problem.

"ur an idiot. I am against C Brown. I Just want to fight battered Women. Not 1 Guy. All of them

"ask punk what would happen to him if we went at it. He would tell you the truth. Easy!

"ok.,really? Cm punk wouldn't last 10 seconds w meb Chris brown would be less. Lol

"No more cm punk. I actually like punk. We agree to disagree. Leave it at that. GOD Bless.

"GOD will judge Him. Not Punk.

"I'm Done. I prefer to have fundraiser for battered women than beat up Chris brown. Now do You understand Me??

"[on charges brought on by Tranesha 'Rhaka Khan' Biggers] Found not guilty and Falsely accused. Read the Report moron. I was the Victim

"All I'm Saying is We if are all for refraining from Battered Women, don't pick 1 person.Unite @ fight! Don't fight 1 Man.Fight the problem!

"I don't agree with what Chris Brown did!How about they both Drop It

"nobody should be judging anyone else! Chris Brown was wrong. [email protected]!"


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