New Jack Knocks Out Former WWE Star, Tommy Dreamer Note, More

-- Tommy Dreamer will appear at a Canadian Wrestling Elite show on March 8th in Winnipeg, Manitoba. You can get more details at this link.

-- has an interview with former ECW star Lou "Sign Guy Dudley" D'Angeli at this link.

-- New Jack got into a fight with Brian Knobbs earlier this week at a Florida Underground Wrestling show in Clearwater, Florida. New Jack posted the following on his Facebook: "Tonight I was at a show in Clearwater and Brian Knobbs stopped by with his wife and 2 other marks and for some unknown reason,he felt the need to fu*k with me on and off for awhile.Well he came in the locker room,with his drunk fat ass and started giving a speech and he looked at me and told me that I can't wrestle and that's the last thing he remembered...HE GOT KNOCKED DA F*CK OUT...MAN!!!I GUESS THAT BAR JUSTSU DOES WORK VAN...LOL"

New Jack also spoke about the incident on The Masked Maniac show, you can check that out below:

Mike contributed to this article.


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