Stone Cold Filming Action Movie, JBL Comments On Cena-HBK, One Man Gang

- Former WWE star One Man Gang turns 52 years old today.

- WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin is currently filming Maximum Conviction with Steven Seagal in Vancouver. Austin wrote on his official website: "Alright, folks. Made it to Vancouver. Got settled in my room, got some groceries, looked over my scenes for Monday. 10am pickup tomorrow for wardrobe fitting and fight rehearsal. This is gonna be a good movie. I wrote a long blog on the flight from L.A. I will proof read it tomorrow and post itů.I will post something for the blog everyday."

- As posted over the weekend, former WWE Champion JBL said in an interview that Eddie Guerrero and The Undertaker were his favorite opponents during his WWE career. JBL added to this on his Twitter page and wrote the following: "Did interview in Bermuda Sun and should have mentioned Cena and Shawn as my favs to work with along with Eddie and Taker-hard to include all. Fortunately I never had to work with myself, so I actually enjoyed working with nearly everyone in WWE, hate being asked who is best or fav."


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