'Taker T-Shirts, Dreamer's Latest Column, RVD/Edge, More

Partial Source: Pwinsider

-- In his latest column, Tommy Dreamer talked about his love of the internet and Twitter. He said that he's "at the end of his career" and that the online world allows him to follow the careers of his friends and live through their Twitter account. You can read it at this link.

-- WWE has released several new Undertaker shirts. You can check them out by clicking here.

-- Brian Pickering sent this one along:

On Comcast On Demand under Sports & Fitness > UFC WWE & Boxing > WWE on The "Edge" has Edge Matches for $1.99

* Triple Threat Match for WWE Championship: RVD vs Edge vs John Cena RAW 7/3/06
* WWE Tag Team Champions Chuck & Billy vs Edge & Hulk Hogan Smackdown 7/4/02
* Hair vs Hair: Edge vs Kurt Angle Judgment Day 2002
* WWE World Champion Edge vs Batista Vengeance 2007
* The Final Match: WWE World Champion Edge vs Alberto Del Rio Wrestlemania XXVII
* Edge vs Eddie Guerrero Unforgiven 2002
* Edge vs RVD RAW 2/19/07
* WWE Champion Edge vs Rey Mysterio Royal Rumble 2008
* Intercontinental Champion Lance Storm vs Edge Summerslam 2001
* Unification Match: WCW United States Champion Edge vs WWE Intercontinental Champion Test Survivor Series 2001


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