Triple H Vs. The Undertaker Confirmed, Batista's Film, WWE Try-Outs

-- As previously reported, former WWE star Batista will be in the film Riddick. The Hollywood Reporter reports that he will play the role of Diaz in the new film, and that it is a co-starring role, meaning that he will appear in about 90% of the film. You can check out the full article at this link.

-- Advertising for the March 12th edition of WWE Monday Night Raw in Cleveland , Ohio has basically confirmed the Triple H vs. Undertaker rematch with the following advertising: "What will HBK have to say about the confrontation between his long-time friend (Triple H) and WrestleMania foe (The Undertaker)?"

-- Ten years ago, WWE held a try-out camp at the HWA facility in Cincinnati. At that time, Matt Morgan and AJ Styles were among those who tried out, along with Rene Dupree, Kevin Fertig (Kevin Thorn), Sonny Siaki and Tomko. At the time, WWE officials were reportedly very high on Styles and word was that there was a push for him to skip developmental and to head to the main roster.


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