"WWE Elimination Chamber" Results: Cena Vs. Kane, Champs Retain

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Dark match
Hunico defeats Alex Riley.

The show starts with a video package stating "The road to WrestleMania goes through the Elimination Chamber".

Pyro hits and the commentators welcome viewers to the show. Michael Cole announces that the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber will kick off the show.

WWE Championship Elimination Chamber Match
CM Punk (c) vs Kofi Kingston vs R-Truth vs Dolph Ziggler vs The Miz vs Chris Jericho

Chris Jericho makes his entrance first. The commentators mention that he earned the right to be the last entrant in the match. Officials lock Jericho into his pod as Miz makes his entrance. Miz taunts Jericho before being locked in his own pod. Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth make their entrances, followed by the two competitors who will start the contest (Kofi Kingston and WWE Champion CM Punk).

The bell rings and Punk shakes hand with Kingston. The competitors engage in a series of unsuccessful pin attempts until Punk gets Kofi into position for the GTS. Kofi counters. Kofi goes for the Boom Drop on Punk, but Punk reverses with a kick to Kofi's skull.

Kofi launches over the ring ropes, but Punk lands on his feet. Punk attempts to suplex Kofi from the ring to the floor of the chamber, Kofi reverses and performs a back drop on Punk, with Punk's hip crashing to the floor of the cage. Punk recovers and launches Kofi face-first into Chris Jericho's pod. Punk then suplexes Kofi on the steel floor. The match moves back into the ring and Punk maintains control of the contest.

Dolph Ziggler is the third entrant into the match and he attacks CM Punk outside of the ring. He executes a fireman's carry to Punk on the steel floor and proceeds to do knee lifts while holding onto the cage.

The three competitors make it to their feet and trade offense. Punk and Kingston simultaneously attempt springboard off opposite sides of the ring ropes and have a mid-air collision. Punk goes for a cover on Kingston as the clock counts down to the next entrant: R-Truth.

Truth comes out of the cage aggressive with a hip toss to Ziggler to the steel floor. Truth and Punk battle as Ziggler and Kingston are laid out on the floor. Punk superplexes Truth and goes for a cover, comes up short.

Punk takes control of the match and starts to taunt Jericho on the top turnbuckle before successfully hitting R-Truth with a flying elbow. He successfully pins him. CM Punk eliminated R-Truth

Kingston hits Punk with a Trouble in Paradise, throws Ziggler to the outside of the ring and pins Punk, who kicks out at two. Kofi then springboards himself to the cage wall, holds on, then tornado DDT's. Ziggler outside of the ring.

The Miz is the fifth entrant into the match, and he dominates all of the competitors. Miz gets Punk into position for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Punk reverses with a pin attempt. Miz kicks out of the cover and hits Punk with his signature DDT.

Miz maintains control of the match until Punk reverses his offense with a powerslam. Punk then applies the Anaconda Vice to Miz while the clock winded down for Chris Jericho to enter the match. Jericho finally entered, and Punk immediately broke the submission on Miz and started to trade blows with Jericho.

As Punk and Jericho traded strikes, Punk attempted a spinning kick on Jericho but Chris grabs his legs and tries to lock in the Walls of Jericho. Punk reverses and attempts the GTS. Jericho counters and subsequently bulldogs Punk, followed by a lionsault.

Punk kicks out of Jericho's pin attempt, and immediately after Ziggler jumps into the ring and rolls up Jericho with a cover. Jericho kicks out and hits Ziggler with a Codebreaker. Chris Jericho eliminated Dolph Ziggler

Jericho and Punk continued to battle until Jericho thumbed Punk in the eye and voluntarily went back into his pod. Punk followed behind and Jericho gets out of the pod and puts Punk in. Jericho then slammed Punk's shoulder with the door of the pod.

Kofi Kingston performs the SOS on Jericho to the outside of the ring. Kofi moves into the ring and Miz starts to attack him. Miz gets Kofi into position for a superplex but Punk recovers from Jericho's attack and powerbombs Miz.

Kofi, still on the top turnbuckle, climbs to the top of the pod and hits Miz and Punk with a crossbody. Jericho gets back into the ring and applies the Walls of Jericho to Kingston. Kofi taps out. Chris Jericho eliminated Kofi Kingston

Even after eliminating him,Jericho continued the assault. As the refs opened the chamber door for Kofi to exit, Jericho threw him to the outside of the chamber. Punk then proceeded to kick Jericho in the skull, and he falls out of the chamber. Officials at ringside check on Jericho as the commentators speculate on whether he is conscious or not. Chris Jericho deemed not able to continue with the match

The match continues in the ring with Punk and Miz. Miz attempts his backbreaker/neckbreaker combo but Punk reverses with a kick to Miz's skull.

Punk springboards off the top rope for a clothesline, but Miz catches him and hits him with a Skull Crushing Finale. Miz pins Punk, but he kicks out at two.

Miz continued the assault until Punk moved from the corner, allowing Miz to go crashing into one of the pods. Punk then successfully performs the GTS on Miz, pins him, and is successfully declared the winner of the match. CM Punk eliminated Miz

Winner and STILL WWE Champion: CM Punk

Recap of Santino's win in the SmackDown battle royal to earn a spot in the SmackDown elimination Chamber

Backstage: Santino is shown getting ready for his match by drinking RAW eggs. He gags, and throws the eggs up.

A video package airs of John Cena working out at a gym with several FCW wrestlers and discussing his match with the Rock at WrestleMania 28.

WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix makes her entrance, followed by her competitor: Tamina Snuka

Divas Championship Match
Beth Phoenix (c) vs Tamina Snuka

The match begins, and Beth sits on the middle rope and tells Tamina to get out of her ring. After Tamina ignores her, Beth goes to knock on Tamina's head. Tamina starts to chop her and take control of the match.

Tamina headbutts Beth and goes to the top rope. Before she gets to the top, Beth pushes her off the turnbuckle to the outside of the ring. Beth starts to slam Tamina's head on the floor and moves herself back into the ring as the ref starts to count Tamina out.

Tamina makes it into the ring at 8, and Beth continues the assault. Beth applies a headlock submission to Tamina, Tamina counters and hits Beth with the Samoan Drop. tamina goes to the top rope for the Superfly Splash, but Beth recovers and hits Tamina with a superplex.

The Divas make it to their feet and start to trade blows before Tamina gets the upper hand. Tamina hits Beth with a splash in the corner, followed by a super kick to the face. Tamina gets Beth into position for the Superfly Splash and successfully executes. Tamina goes for the pin, but Beth kicks out at two.

Tamina once again goes to the top rope for the Superfly Splash, but Beth rolls out of the ring. Tamina throws her back into the ring, but Beth takes control of the match and performs the Glam Slam on Tamina. Beth pins Tamina and gets 3.

Winner and STILL Divas Champion: Beth Phoenix

A "Be A Star" video aired.

Backstage: Santino is shown boxing with a ham. He hits the ham with the Cobra.

Josh Mathews is shown backstage saying Chris Jericho is not available for an interview, as Jericho is shown in the background getting checked out my medical officials.

John Laurinaitis makes his way to the ring, accompanied by David Otunga. He says SmackDown GM Teddy Long should be subject to the same scrutiny as he has been. he continues to speak, but is interrupted by Alberto Del Rio.

Del Rio criticizes Teddy Long and says Laurinaitis should be the permanent GM of RAW and SmackDown. Mark Henry's music plays, and he makes his way to the ring. He accuses Teddy Long of being a bully and claims he assaulted him. He agrees with Del Rio, saying Laurinaitis should be the permanent GM. Johnny starts to speak, but is interrupted by Christian.

Laurinaitis and Christian hug. Christian says Orton is faking and injury but gets time off. Christian says Long forced him to compete even though he was injured, causing unsafe working conditions. He also says that Laurinaitis should be the permanent GM of RAW and SmackDown. David Otunga gets a camera as Henry, Del Rio, Christian and John Laurinaitis pose for a picture.

Video promo airs hyping WrestleMania 28.

Santino is shown running up stairs and training for the SmackDown elimination chamber match.

Backstage: Josh Mathews interviews Big Show. Mathews mentions Big Show's 'horrible' WrestleMania record. Show says all he can think about is walking out of the chamber as champion tonight.

Lilian Garcia starts to introduce the SmackDown elimination chamber competitors, with The Great Khali making his entrance first. Cody Rhodes then makes his way to the chamber, followed by Santino and World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan.

Next up, Wade Barrett and Big Show enter the chamber, with the two starting the match.

World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match
Daniel Bryan (c) vs Big Show vs Wade Barrett vs Cody Rhodes vs The Great Khali vs Santino Marella

Big Show starts to dominate Barrett early on until Barrett attacks Show at the knee and knocks him off his feet.

Barrett takes control of the match, slamming Show's head into the side of the chamber. The competitors move back into the ring and Barrett works over Show's legs. Show kicks Barrett to the outside of the cage, and then suplexes him back into the ring as he continued to dominate Barrett.

The countdown stars for the next participant to enter the match. Big Show immediately forgets Wade Barrett and stared down Daniel Bryan, hoping he would enter next. The entrant turned out to be Cody Rhodes.

Cody, hesitant to enter the match, unsuccessfully tries to wage an assault on Big Show. Show easily throws Cody to the outside of the ring, making him crash to the steel floor of the chamber.

Show then attempts to chokeslam Barrett, but he counters and continues his earlier assault on Big Show's left leg. Big Show fights out of the hold, but is double-teamed by Barrett and Rhodes. Barrett and Rhodes started to work together until Barrett started to repeatedly slam Cody into the chamber wall.

Santino entered the match next and goes into his signature offense on Wade Barrett. Santino turns around to pump himself up, but turns back around and is greeted by Big Show. Show flings Santino around until Cody Rhodes attacks Big Show's leg.

Show regains control and attempts a double chokeslam on Barrett and Rhodes. They counter their advance and hit Big Show with a double superplex to the chamber floor. Barrett and Rhodes battle each other, and Rhodes performs a moonsault from the top rope to a standing Wade Barrett.

Cody then sets his sights on Santino, using the cage to attack his right hand. The Great Khali entered the match next. Khali dominates Barrett, Rhodes and Santino. Big Show makes it to his feet and spears Khali. He then pins him. Big Show eliminated The Great Khali

With all of the competitors down, Big Show then sets his sights on Daniel Bryan, who is still in his pod. Show breaks through the top of Bryan's pod, climbs into it, and starts to maul Bryan.

Seconds later, Bryan officially enters the match. the ref unlocks the pod and Bryan runs out. Show runs after him and throws him through the glass back into the pod. The match moves to the ring, and Show maintains his momentum. Show chokeslams Daniel Bryan, but before he can pin him he is attacked by Wade Barrett.

Cody Rhodes then hits Show with two Beautiful Disaster Kicks, and Barrett hits show with an elbow from the top rope. Cody then pins Big Show. Cody Rhodes eliminated Big Show

While Cody celebrated eliminating Big Show, Santino rolled him up with a pin attempt. Santino eliminated Cody Rhodes

Following his elimination, Cody hits Santino with the Cross Rhodes and then leaves the ring. Barrett pins Santino, but Santino kicks out. Barrett starts his assault on Santino, and ends up locking his arms to the side of the chamber.

Bryan and Barrett start to fight each other, with Bryan trying to lock in the LeBell Lock. Bryan is unsuccessful as Barrett counters and takes control of the match. Barrett then powerbombs Bryan to the side of the chamber wall.

Barrett positioned Bryan's head in-between the pod and it's door, and slams it into his head. Barrett attempts to pin Bryan but he kicks out. Barrett then sets his sights on Santino and rams him into the chamber wall multiple times.

Bryan attacks Barrett with a knee to the face from the top rope, but Barrett didn't stay down for long. Bryan goes up top once again, but Barrett follows him and attempts Wasteland from the top rope. The hold is broken by Santino, who goes for a superplex on Barrett (which he counters). Barrett attempts an elbow from the top rope, but Santino moves out of the way and Wade goes crashing to the mat.

Daniel Bryan hits Wade with a flying headbutt from the top rope. Following Bryan's move, Santino pins Barrett. Santino eliminated Wade Barrett

The crowd goes wild for Santino, but Bryan takes control of the match. Bryan goes for a dropkick to Santino in the corner, but Santino ducks out of the way and rolls up Bryan with a pin attempt. Bryan kicks out. Bryan suplexes Santino and goes up top and attempts a diving headbutt. Santino rolls out of the way.

Santino then pulls out the Cobra, and successfully hits Daniel Bryan with it. Santino pins Bryan, but he kicks out once again. Bryan applies the Lebell Lock to Santino, he tries to fight out of it, but ends up tapping out. Daniel Bryan eliminated Santino

Winner and STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Daniel Bryan

Post-match: Daniel Bryan's celebration of his win was interrupted by Royal Rumble winner Sheamus. Daniel Bryan attempted to attack Sheamus, but Sheamus hits Bryan with his new finisher (formerly Finlay's Celtic Cross).

Hornswoggle is shown with a "cheese head" on and offers Natalya to "cut the cheese". She runs off as sounds of passing gas are heard. Justin Gabriel, Vickie Guerrero and Jack Swagger appear. Hornswoggle starts to talk about cheese, while Swagger and Guerrero get offended. Gabriel steps in on Hornswoggle's behalf and confronts Jack Swagger. Teddy Long appears and books at match between Swagger and Gabriel, which is happening next with the United States Championship on the line.

Video package airs with highlights of The Rock's career, promoting WWE's new DVD chronicling his career.

Justin Roberts introduces Jack Swagger, who comes down to the ring accompanied by Vickie Guerrero. Justin Gabriel enters the ring next, accompanied by Hornswoggle.

United States Championship Match
Jack Swagger (c) vs Justin Gabriel

Jack Swagger takes control of the match early on, stopping Gabriel's offense with a counter in the form of a powerbomb.

Gabriel started to gain momentum, which lead to a crossbody from the top rope and a pin attempt. Swagger kicks out, but Gabriel continued the assault. After Swagger is dropkicked out of the ring, Gabriel performs a corkscrew dive onto him. Swagger recovers and slams Gabriel's leg into the turnbuckle.

The competitors get back into the ring, and Swagger applies the Ankle Lock to Gabriel. Gabriel taps out.

Winner and STILL United States Champion: Jack Swagger

Ad airs featuring John Cena and The Rock promoting WrestleMania 28.

Recap of the Kane/Cena/Ryder/Eve saga.

Kane makes his way to the ring, followed by John Cena.

Ambulance Match
John Cena vs Kane

Cena and Kane trade blows before Kane throws Cena outside of the ring. He follows behind and the two brawl up the ramp. Cena throws Kane into the metal audience guard rail.

Kane fights off further advances from Cena and goes to open the door of the ambulance. A stretcher rolls out of the back of the ambulance and Kane attempts to throw Cena in. Cena blocks the move and attacks Kane with the medical equipment.

The match moves back towards the ring and Cena throws Kane shoulder first into the ring steps. Kane recovers and starts to pummel Cena as the two get back into the ring.

Cena tries to mount a comeback, but Kane drops him with a sidewalk slam. Kane goes to the top rope for a flying clothesline, but Cena dropkicks him in mid-air and goes into his signature offense.

Cena successfully hits Kane with the 5-Knuckle Shuffle and puts Kane into position for the Attitude Adjustment, but Kane counters and starts to suffocate Cena with his hand. Cena passes out, and Kane drags him out of the ring. Kane pulls a wheelchair from under the ring and starts to roll Cena up the ramp.

Cena fights his way out of the wheelchair as Kane attempts to suffocate Cena once again. Cena takes control of the match, smashing Kane into the side of the ambulance with the folded up wheelchair. Cena then placed Kane into the wheelchair and rolled him into an equipment table.

Kane gets up and starts to attack Cena with equipment until Cena hits Kane in his midsection with a steel chair. Kane and Cena continued to trade offense as they moved through the crowd.

Cena throws Kane over the security barricade, grabs a mic and asks Booker T if he's in the Fave Five. Booker confirms, and Cena grabs a monitor and slams it into Kane's face. He does the same with a set of steel steps.

Cena then sets up the steel steps in front of the Spanish announce table with Kane on his shoulders for the Attitude Adjustment. Kane counters and chokeslams Cena through the table.

Kane gets the stretcher and brings it to ringside. He places Cena on top of it, and rolls it to the ambulance. Kane puts Cena into the ambulance, closes one door, but Cena gets out before he can close the other. Cena attacks Kane and then climbs to the top of the ambulance. Cena calls for Kane to follow him, and he does.

Kane attempts the chokeslam, but Cena counters and hits Kane with the Attitude Adjustment from on top of the ambulance.

Cena gets down, puts Kane on his shoulders, and successfully places Kane into the back of the ambulance.

Winner: John Cena

Cena gets into the ring and celebrates by pointing at the WrestleMania 28 sign. He then looks at the camera and says "One man left. I'll be waiting"

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