WWE Smackdown! Results: Things Heat Up For Elimination Chamber

Smackdown! opens up with Sheamus being announced and making his way down to the ring to a solid reaction from the crowd. We're then reminded that Sheamus will announce which title he'll go for after the Elimination Chamber. Sheamus says he's waiting to make his decision because he's not sure which superstars will be champions come WrestleMania and history suggests that at least one new champion will be crowned. Therefore, he will be watching both matches closely. Sheamus stated that a lot of WWE superstars have said he should make his decision now. However, he doesn't like being told what to do. He says he was bullied as a kid and he responded by fighting back. The more he fought, the better he got at it and it brought him to the WWE. But in WWE, it started again. People telling him what to do, change his hair and to tan. Still, he stood his ground and now he's going to WrestleMania.

Just then, Wade Barret's music hits and he heads toward the ring to a chorus of boo's. Barrett thanks Sheamus for the heart-warming story. He says that he somewhat respects Sheamus, but he's going to tell him what to do. Barrett says that Sheamus needs to go for the WWE championship, because Barrett will be the World Heavyweight title when he wins the Smackdown! Elimination Chamber match. Barrett reminds Sheamus that he has beaten him before and if he had to beat him at WrestleMania, Sheamus would be remembered as a pasty-faced, ginger, Irish loser.

Sheamus laughs and says that he wasn't really listening as he was thinking about Randy Orton beating Barrett all around the ring last week. Barrett then begins to respond but he's interrupted by the Intercontinental champion, Cody Rhodes. Rhodes says that what Barrett was about to say isn't important as Cody actually knows what it's like to be victorious at WrestleMania. He also knows what it's like to be a current champion. He also says that, unlike the audience, he doesn't have the urge to cry every time he looks it's in the ring. After entering the ring, Cody Rhodes mentions that this match is his match to win. He then tells Sheamus that he will go down in history as the man that lost to the very first duel Intercontinental and World Heavyweight champion.

Just then, The Big Show's music hits and out comes the seven foot giant. Show states that he respects Sheamus and says that Sheamus isn't the type of person to tell someone what to do so he'll do it for him. He then tells Cody to shut his mouth before he slaps the taste right out of it. The Big Show doesn't promise that he'll win, he just wants Sheamus to think about The Big Show vs. Sheamus in the main event at WrestleMania. Barrett then says he's trying to be polite, but he reminds Big Show that Snooki has a more successful career at WrestleMania than he has. Cody then mentions that Giants can win the Super Bowl, but not matches at WrestleMania. Rhodes then calls The Big Show the reverse Undertaker, asking Show who he was going to lose to this year. The boxer? The sumo wrestler and is cut off when The Big Show delivers a thunderous chop to the chest. With the strike, a brawl ensues with Show taking Rhodes out and Sheamus taking out Wade Barrett.

We are treated to an Elimination Chamber promo during the commercial break. After the break, we get breaking news. Later tonight, Barrett and Rhodes will team up to face Royal Rumble winner Sheamus and The Big Show.

As Jinder Mahal, walks to the ring for his match with The Great Khali, an interview package is shown with Mahal stating that after he beats Khali tonight, he will demand that he takes his place in the Elimination Chamber. Then, Khali's music hits and the man makes his way down to the ring. Jinder demands that Khali lay down for him and when Khali refuses, Jider slaps him across the face. Khali, only angered by the shot, clubs Jinder, knocking him flat. Jinder takes control momentarily, however, and begisn to wear down his foe. After a few shots, Khali then regains control of the action, tossing his opponent around and nailing him with clotheslines. After Mahal gets up, Khali ties him up and nails the Punjabi Nightmare, getting the pin-fall victory.

In the back, Teddy Long is talking to Aksana about suspending Mark Henry. Long states that he had to do it and Aksana says that Long deserves a reward. Before anything goes further, World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryan walks in and asks what's going on. Bryan mentions that Teddy didn't invite him to the barbeque that Long had in the parking lot and Long apologizes. Bryan ignores the apology and reminds Teddy that he lives a vegan lifestyle and feels sick. Therefore, he can't compete tonight. Long says that he's tired of the preaching and tells Bryan that he still has to compete tonight.

In the ring, Diva's champion Beth Phoenix is taking on Alicia Fox. Beth taunts Fox by holding the ropes and telling Alicia to get out of her ring. The action begins with Beth trying to force Alicia out, but Fox reverses it and gets shoved to the mat for her refusal. Alicia begins fighting back, trying to get something going but Beth catches Alicia mid-air when she attempts a springboard elbow and throws her hard onto the canvas. Beth then decides to end the matter and nails Fox with the Glam Slam, getting the victory. After the match ends, Phoenix continues to attack Alicia until Tamina comes down to the ring and the powerful women stare each other down. Beth then backs away and leaves, embracing her title.

Backstage, Natalya is talking to Tyson Kidd about how embarrassed she is due to her "problem". Kidd tells her not to worry about it, but Natalya says she meant that she talks too much. Then, as Hornswoggle enters the camera shot after Kidd leaves, Natalya farts and when the little guy notices it, he drops to the floor, passing out. Natalya then blames it on Tyson, before running from the scene.

Now, it's time for the tag team match that was announced earlier. In the ring, Cody Rhodes is set to square off with The Big Show, before he is frightened by a scream and he immediately tags in Wade Barrett. However, Wade is then clobbered so hard that he tags Cody back into the match. Cody is looking to move around the ring, but Show catches up to him and blasts him with a devastating chop. After a Big Show guerrilla press slam, Big Show is looking to land a WMD but Cody sneaks out of harm's way.

Then, both Wade and "The Great White" step into the ring for action with Sheamus gaining the advantage. After holding Barrett up in the ropes, Sheamus nails him with his signature clubbing blows and nearly gets the victory. After weathering the storm, Barrett nails an unsuspecting Sheamus with a powerful big boot then tags Rhodes into the contest. However, right before the commercial break, Sheamus is powerfully handling Rhodes. The action continues after the break and Sheamus nearly gets the win after slamming Cody into the canvas. Sheamus then tags Show back in and allows him to tag Cody with a hard shot to the rib cage. After Big Show forces Cody into the corner, he fails to connect with anything solid and Rhodes manages to tag his partner. Barrett, taking advantage of a prone Big Show, nails him from behind, following it up with a strong clothesline. Cody is then tagged back into the match and nails Show off the top rope, only getting a two count.

After some fairly back and forth action, Cody blasts The Big Show with a dropkick, then going into a sleeper-hold, only to have it turned into a sidewalk slam. Show, crawling to his corner, finally tags Sheamus in as Cody reaches Wade and Sheamus blasts away on Wade Barrett, hitting a tilt-a-whirl slam and looking to land his Brogue Kick. Sheamus blasts Barrett just as Big Show stops Rhodes from interfering by nailing him with a monstrous spear. Sheamus and The Big Show pick up the win and celebrate in the ring.

After the match, Michael Cole is set to interview Daniel Bryan's girlfriend, AJ. Cole asks her how she's feeling, only to cut her off by saying that she isn't supported by the WWE Universe. Michael wants to know if AJ blames The Big Show for what happened, but then asks her why she was at ring side in the first place. AJ mentions that Daniel Bryan asked her to be there, but blames Cole for doing more damage than anyone else. AJ blames Cole for stirring the pot with Daniel Bryan and the Divas, then calls him a biased, selfish jerk. AJ tells Cole that the WWE would be better if he shut up, only to have Cole insist that he is just doing his job and that he earns a living for his talents.

Cole then mentions that people have mentioned that Bryan is playing with AJ, setting her up for hurt. Cole criticizes AJ's love for Bryan, stating that she has lost any self-respect. Cole states that AJ and Daniel Bryan will be a footnote in WWE history. Finally, Bryan appears and says that he's heard enough and threatens to break Cole's arms. Bryan claims that he is more than a footnote, considering that he is the World Heavyweight champion. However, he also mentions that he is a role model.

Bryan states that while the fans were busy eating animal products and watching the Super Bowl this weekend, he was taking a nature walk. Bryan states that he cares about AJ the way he cares about the future and claims that the fans have been so mean to her that he is going to take her home in his Prius, as she has been traumatized enough. Before they can leave entirely, however, Smackdown! GM Teddy Long says that he will get AJ a ride home, but that Bryan isn't going anywhere and that leaving the arena will vacate the title.

Ted DiBiase and Hunico are set for action, with Camacho roaming the outside area as per usual. DiBiase starts out strong, needing the referee to stop his assault in the corner. Hunico and DiBiase take the action to the outside, with Ted launching Hunico into the protective barricade. Then, with Camacho providing the distraction, Hunico regains his footing and slams DiBiase's wrist into the ring-post.

Back in the ring, Hunico is looking to attack the injured wrist, but DiBiase counters the attack with a clothesline. However, Hunico goes back to attacking the wrist, slamming DiBiase's prone arm into the matt. Yet, Hunico went to the well one too many times as DiBiase counters with a roll up, attaining victory.

Now, it's time for our main event, featuring the World Heavyweight champion, Daniel Bryan taking on "The Apex Predator", Randy Orton. The Big Show is at ring side, helping Cole and co. call the action.

To start the match, Bryan and Orton seem ready to go. However, Orton strikes first with his patented headlock. Bryan escapes by pushing off, but Orton hits a shoulder block on the rebound. Now, Bryan tries his own headlock, before whipping Orton into the ropes. However, once again, Orton lands with a powerful shoulder block, following it up with an arm-bar. Bryan breaks away with some strikes and hits the ropes, only to be leveled with a dropkick. Still, Orton's offense is short-lived as Bryan nails Orton with some kicks of his own, then sending Orton into the ropes. When hitting the ropes, Orton holds on, suckering Bryan in as he runs towards Orton only to be back-dropped to the outside.

Orton follows his counterpart to the outside, as The Big Show stands up to avoid the action. Still, Orton yells at Show, telling him to stay away as he can deal with it. However, the wasted time allows Bryan to attack, knocking Orton down. Then, Bryan gets up on the ring apron and lands with both knees in the chest of Orton. After a commercial break, Bryan is seen working on Orton's arm, however, Orton reverse the action with a back-breaker before fending off a LeBell Lock. After a near-fall for Orton, Randy sets Bryan up on the turnbuckle in the corner, only to have Daniel shove him away. Bryan goes for a high risk move, but Randy moves away in time, then beats Bryan to the punch with a clothesline before a powerslam. Orton begins to feel it, tossing Bryan to the apron, setting up his mid-rope DDT, until Bryan strikes with his feet, finishing with strikes upstairs. Bryan climbs to the top rope, only to have Orton hit the ropes and send Bryan down, crotch-first. Orton takes advantage of a prone Bryan, nailing a superplex that leaves Bryan barely able to kick out. Orton continues his attack and attempts a running knee drop but Daniel rolls out of the way and lambasts Orton with a dropkick, finally sending Orton into the corner. After being attacked in the corner, Randy goes for a roll up when Bryan is pulled off his opponent by the referee. The champion, however, reverses the move with a LeBell Lock for which Orton also has an answer. After drilling Bryan into the mat, Orton sets up the hanging DDT, slamming his opponent's head into the mat.

Orton seems ready to land the RKO, but Daniel Bryan seems ready and counters with a quick shot and seems ready to pack it in. Bryan snatches his title up and is about to leave when he's confronted by The Big Show. Bryan is then shoved to the ground by Show and tries to get away by rolling into the ring. However, in the ring, he is met with a RKO and Orton goes for the win. The referee, however, noticed The Big Show's action and disqualifies Orton, making Bryan the winner.

After the match, Orton is irate, asking Show what he was thinking. Then, the two begin to throw down in front of the announcers table, with Bryan heading up the ramp way.


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