WWE Smackdown! Results: New Elimination Chamber Combatant Determined

The show starts off with "The Apex Predator" Randy Orton being told by Teddy Long that he cannot compete tonight due to a concussion that Orton sustained last week. Long then states that he knows Orton is upset at Daniel Bryan, but Bryan hasn't shown up yet. Then Long says he has a security team ready to escort Orton out of the building in hopes of keeping things in order. Orton seems irate over the situation and then Long tells Orton that he is also going to be pulled from this Sunday's Elimination Chamber. Orton, visibly bothered, leaves without saying a word.

In the opening bout of the evening, The Big Show and The Great Khali take on Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett.

The Big Show and The Great Khali vs. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett

Wade tries to start out the match with some aggression but is immediately tossed to the canvas by Khali. Khali continues to handle Barrett before The Great Khali lets Cody into the ring. Cody moves in and slaps Khali only to be choked and punched for his trouble. Cody, having had enough, then tags in Barrett who takes advantage of an unsuspecting Khali. Quick tags by both Wade and Rhodes with the big man slowing down now. With Cody now in the ring, he launches himself off the middle turnbuckle but Khali catches him in mid-air. After tossing Cody halfway across the ring, Big Show tags in and spears Wade before shooting Rhodes to the outside. After setting up Wade, he slams him down with a choke slam and the team of The Big Show and The Great Khali get the win.

Winners: The Big Show and The Great Khali

After the match, Khali and Big Show seem to be arguing. With little hesitation, Big Show hits the WMD on Khali and heads to the back after knocking him out.

Backstage in his office, Smackdown! GM Teddy Long is on the phone discussing Orton's concussion. Just then, Mark Henry walks in and states that he wants Randy's spot in the Elimination Chamber. Before Teddy can make a decision, The Big Show walks in and says that he needs a favor. Big Show states that he wants Daniel Bryan in a match but Henry tells The Big Show to shut up and that he should wait his turn. The Big Show becomes enraged and knocks Henry out with a single shot before destructing the office. Teddy then tells security to find the Big Show and escort him out of the building when he has settled. However, Long says he'll find his own back up when one of the security team members states that he's not going near Big Show.

Back at ringside, Ted DiBiase is scheduled to face Hunico, with Camacho at ringside.

Ted Dibiase vs. Hunico (w/ Camacho)

Immediately, DiBiase goes to work on Hunico in the corner, landing several punches. However, DiBiase fails to land a back-breaker as Hunico hits Ted with a spinning head scissors. Hunico then quickens the pace, hitting the ropes and looking to land something but is countered by DiBiase. DiBiase follows it up with a dropkick but seems to have re-injured his wrist. With the referee distracted, Camacho involves himself by slamming the injured arm of DiBiase across the top rope and Hunico capitalizes on the situation, getting the win.

Winner: Hunico

In the following contest, The Usos take on the Tag Team champions, Primo & Epico.

WWE Tag Team champions Primo & Epico vs. The Usos

To start off the match, Jey strikes Primo with a headbutt then tags in Jimmy. Jimmy gets a near fall, before both Usos nail an elbow drop. Jimmy them looks to set up something in the corner with Primo but he's tangled up and Primo capitalizes. Primo connects with a big shot, then lands a solid spin kick that knocks Jimmy down before suplexing his partner onto Jimmy. Jimmy tries making it to his feet, but Primo rewards him by slamming his head into the canvas. However, in his second attempt at escaping, Jimmy gets up, ducks a kick by Primo and tags in Jey. With Epico in, Jey knocks Epico down and nails a cockscrew elbow. Epico tries to avoid more of the onslaught but gets slammed with a Samoan drop. When both men are back on their feet, Jey has to avoid a Backstabber and he tags Jimmy in who heads to the top rope. However, before Jimmy can land the splash, Primo gets his knees up before working the Backstabber and obtaining victory.

Winners: Epico and Primo

World Heavyweight champion Daniel Bryam makes his way to the squared circle and begins talking about what he did on Monday. He mentions to the crowd that he finally showed everyone who he is. Hey says that while he knows both The Big Show and Randy Orton were taken away from the arena, if they were real men, they would be in the ring with him now. Bryan feels that they are afraid of him and that he plans to embarrass them because he will continue to win. Bryan says that none of the fans believed in him but he's proved them wrong, just like he will on Sunday. While he knows that the odds are against him, it's nothing that he isn't familiar with.

Just then, Bryan tells Lillian Garcia to declare him the winner of tonight's advertised main event via forfeit. Garcia does as she is told before Bryan begins excessively celebrating in the ring. However, Smackdown! GM Teddy Long comes out and tells Bryan that it's too early to celebrate because while Orton can't compete, Sheamus is more than happy to be here tonight. Sheamus' music hits and the crowd erupts.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus

In the ring, Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus officially begins. Sheamus starts out with a heavy shoulder block, following up with clothesline that sends Bryan down. Bryan is then whipped into the ropes and clotheslined even harder this time. When both combatants are back on their feet, Bryan goes for a waistlock but is countered with an arm-bar before he kicks out of it. Bryan seems to be getting something going but is tied up in the ropes and Sheamus hammers with with vicious shots.

Having had enough, Bryan seems intent on grabbing his title and heading to the locker room. However, Sheamus cuts him off and clotheslines him outside of the ring. Bryan is then rolled back into the ring and before Sheamus can get back in, he's hit with a flying knee by Bryan, which leaves him barely able to beat the count. As Sheamus crawls back in, Bryan brutally kicks Sheamus in the chest. Sheamus gets back up and is drop-kicked hard, sending him back to the ring apron. After Sheamus tries fighting Bryan off with a few strikes, then lands a forearm before delivering a power slam, nearly getting the win. After failing to hit a back-breaker, Bryan goes for the LeBell Lock, but Sheamus reverses that into position for a Celtic Cross. However, Bryan slides out of the hold and they begin trading blows, forcing the referee to pull them apart. Bryan then begins egging Sheamus on, then spitting in Sheamus' face. Sheamus, now completely enraged, begins to tear into Bryan, forcing the referee to call a hault to the action, giving Bryan the win via disqualification.

Winner: Daniel Bryan via disqualification

In the back, Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett head into Teddy Long's office and are eager to find out which superstar is taking Randy Orton's place in the Elimination Chamber. Teddy, however, has yet to figure it out. Teddy then says that anyone there has a chance, including men from Raw, Smackdown!, Superstars and NXT as well. Cody seems to laugh off the assumption that a lesser known superstar could be in the match. However, Teddy says it's possible because a wild card battle royale will be held tonight to determine the final participant in Sunday's Elimination Chamber.

Back to the action as Jinder Mahal is set to take on Ezekiel Jackson.

Jinder Mahal vs. Ezekiel Jackson

Jinder starts off the action with a strike to the midsection of Jackson before going for a big booty. However, Ezekiel ducks and sends Mahal into the corner, following it up with a hard clothesline. Then, Jackson lands a few more clotheslines and hits a side-slam. Jackson, now looking for the Torture Rack, has Jinder up on his shoulders. However, Mahal grabs the ropes and ends up landing a DDT. Mahal begins to toy with the crowd and then traps Jackson in the Camel Clutch. Ezekiel, feeling the pressure, breaks out of the hold and pushes Mahal back. Ezekiel then looks to run into Mahal with Jinder in the corner, but Jinder gets his knees up. Ezekiel seems stunned by the move and is thrown into the canvas then locks Jackson back in the Camel Clutch, forcing Big Zeke to tap out.

Winner: Jinder Mahal

Now in action, we see Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox teaming up to take on the female powerhouse team of Diva's champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya.

Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox vs. WWE Diva's champion Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Beth and Fox start out the action, with Alicia getting caught in a full nelson. However, Alicia dips out of the hold and nails Phoenix with a kick to the face. Phoenix then tags in Natalya, who begins taunting Alicia. However, Alicia slaps her in the face and monkey flips her over, before Natalya moves out of the ring and regroups. Natalya then slides back in and nails Alicia. Beth rocks Alicia with a kick to the head from the outside with the referee distracted, allowing Natalya to sink in a headlock. However, after jocking for position, Alicia hits an arm-drag to escape. Alicia then tries to jump over Natalya who catches her, mid-air, and applies a Sharpshooter. During the hold, the referee in position smells one of Natalya's farts. With the referee visibly disturbed, Natalya releases the hold and begins to argue with him. During the argument, Tamina is tagged in and knocks Natalya down, before hitting the Superfly Splash and getting the win.

Winners: Tamina Snuka and Alicia Fox

After the bout, Beth tries to sneak in and attack Tamina, but Tamina counters the attack with a kick to the head. Tamina then heads to the top with the intentions of another splash but Beth rolls out of harm's way. Tamina and Phoenix then stare at one another.

John Laurinaitis and David Ortunga begin discussing the wild card battle royal. John states that he can't believe this is the best idea that Teddy long could come up with, but feels that the best man to win the event is David Otunga himself. Teddy then asks what he's smelling and Otunga says it's his cologne. However, Teddy says lawyers like Otunga have a certain stink about them.

Battle Royal, winner gets Randy Orton's spot in the Elimination Chamber

Now, for tonight's main event, the wild card battle royal begins. Everyone involved begins to attack any and everyone, with Santino trying to avoid the altercations. Otunga gets the first elimination, with Otunga throwing Derrick Bateman out quickly. On the other side of the ring, Camacho and Ted DiBiase are brawling along side the ropes.

In one of the corners, Michael McGillicutty is nearly being eliminated by Hunico. Meanwhile, Otunga gets his second elimination when he backdrops Percy Watson to the outside. Epico is then almost eliminated, before both Titus Oneal and one of the Usos gets tossed to the outside. In the ring, Otunga and Santino seem to be fighting each other off, with Otunga nearly eliminating Morella. In the middle of the ring, Drew McIntyre gorilla press slams Tyson Kidd, tossing him to the outside. McIntyre then European uppercuts Heath Slater before the two get into a confrontation.

With the ring still full of combatants, everyone seems to be looking for an advantage with Santino crazily stalking around the ring. Slater is on the ring apron fighting with Ezekiel Jackson, however, he fends him off only to be kneed by Jinder Mahal and eliminated. In one of the corners, Epico is stomping away at Camacho as both Darren Young and Ted DiBiase are side-by-side, hanging onto the top rope, nearly eliminated. Both begin kicking at each other, with DiBiase double stomping Young and eliminating him.

Shortly thereafter, Yoshi Tatsu is eliminated by Hunico and Ezekiel Jackson and Drew McIntyre are battling in the middle of the ring. Alex Riley is nearly eliminated right before Camacho is dropkicked out of the ring by Te DiBiase. McGillicutty is then eliminated and the action continues. Hunico chops Justin Gabriel, Riley chops Otunga and Santino punches away at Tyler Reks. Curt Hawkins is then eliminated when he's countered by Gabriel in the corner.

The tag team champions begin to team up on Alex Riley as they lift him up and over the top rope before they move on to Tyler Reks. They hang Reks over the rope and then send Johnny Curtis into Reks, eliminating both men in the process. The remaining Uso then gets much the same in terms of treatment as Epico and Primo eliminate him as well. Then, with Epico admiring his work, Primo grabs him by the legs and throws him to the outside.

With Hunico on DiBiase's shoulders, he looks to move down. Sitting on the ropes, he under-hooks DiBiase's arms with his legs and sends him to the outside as he rolls through. However, Hunico looks to land another kick on DiBiase, but Ted grabs his leg and pulls him into elimination. When both men are up, DiBiase delivers a vicious clothesline before heading to the back.

Primo throws Gabriel over the top rope, but Gabriel holds on. He then gets back into the ring and puts Primo into the same position with similar results. Primo gets back in and backdrops Gabriel over the top rope, but he once again holds on. Primo runs into him, but Gabriel slides in between his legs and back into the ring. Gabriel delivers a clothesline, but Primo flips over the ropes, managing to hold on. Primo hits a shoulder block and Gabriel is doubled over. Primo front flips back into the ring and Gabriel sets up for a suplex to the outside that Primo counters and he lands on the ring apron. Primo then drags him to the ring apron over the top rope as well and they fight it out. Gabriel delivers a huge kick to the head, finally eliminating Primo. However, a winded Gabriel is clotheslined from behind by Big Zeke and thrown out.

Ezekiel Jackson then gets some revenge, picking up Mahal and eliminating as well. The final four men are in the ring; Drew McIntyre, Ezekiel Jackson, Santino and David Otunga. Each man takes a corner and Santino tapes out The Cobra and slides it on his hand. Otunga and McIntyre then attack Santino but Ezekiel then nails Otunga from behind. Drew then goes to work and takes down everyone, before yelling to the crowd. However, while celebrating, Santino sneaks up from behind and eliminates McIntyre. Zeke then blasts Otunga with a shot and goes to work on Santino. Santino is picked up by Jackson, but Santino wiggles out and holds onto the ropes. Ezekiel Jackson runs into the ropes and Santino yanks them down to eliminate Jackson.

Finally, the two men left in the end are Otunga and the aforementioned Santino. As soon as Santino turns around, Otunga nails him with a huge clothesline. Otunga begins to feel it, even with the crowd beginning to chant "Santino". Otunga begins slapping Santino around as Santino crawls on the canvas. Otunga lets Santino up, only to knock him down over and over again. However, Otunga waists a bit of time as Santino catches a second wind. Otunga nails Santino with a shot, who them pauses and nails Otunga with consecutive shots. Otunga then runs in and looks for a clothesline but Santino does a splits to avoid the move. Otunga hits the ropes and comes back to be met with a hip toss. Santino then looks to hit a Cobra Drop but Otunga rolls out of the way at the last second.

Otunga then picks up Santino and looks to throw him over the top rope. However, Santino reverses it and the momentum sends Otunga over the rope and to the outside, netting him the wild card battle royale victory. With the crowd going crazy, Smackdown! ends with Santino celebrating in the middle of the ring.

Winner Santino Marella


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