Intro package runs. Tonight’s main event is Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal. Alex Riley’s music hits. Scott Stanford welcomes us to the show, joined by Josh Matthews. Michael McGillicutty makes his way to the ring. Stanford says he’s back home in Minneapolis, but not getting the reception he was looking for (I think they don’t know him, or couldn’t care less). Apparently Bob Dylan, “the guy who played MacGyver” (Richard Dean Anderson), and Prince are all from there.

Alex Riley vs. Michael McGillicutty

The bell rings and they lock-up with a collar and elbow tie-up. They make a clean break. Stanford says A-Ry is up 2 to 1 in this series. They lock-up again in the corner, the ref calls for a clean break, McGillicutty pie-faces A-Ry, A-Ry pushes him, McGillicutty goes down. The announcers sell the amateur sports backgrounds of both men. A-Ry takes McGillicutty down into a side headlock. They both hit some punches and kicks. McGillicutty Irish-whips A-Ry and he counters, sending McGillicutty to the turnbuckle. A-Ry stands on the second rope and begins punching McGillicutty, and actually makes it to 10! The crowd, of course, counts along. A-Ry then plants McGillicutty with a front face-slam, for a near fall. A-Ry hits a single-arm suplex, for another near fall. McGillicutty goes to the outside and tries to pull A-Ry, under the bottom rope, to the outside, by his ankles. A-Ry fights it; McGillicutty slams the back of his knee on the apron. He finally pulls him out, A-ry’s skulls makes a ‘thud’ on the mat. McGillicutty verbally abuses A-Ry.

(Commercial) (The Geico gecko isn’t funny anymore).

Back in the ring, McGillicutty has A-Ry in a side headlock. McGillicutty is screaming like a madman (this could be a good gimmick for him going forward; the beard helps). A-Ry works his way up, breaks free, McGillicutty whips him to the ropes and attempts a double front drop-kick, but A-Ry holds the ropes and McGillicutty gets nothing but mat (I don’t see how it hurts more if you miss your mark, he was going to back-bump regardless). A-Ry grabs his legs and flips over him for a pin, and gets a near fall. McGillicutty hits a monster clothesline. 1?2? A-Ry kicks out. McGillicutty flips by his neck to the mat, and hits a running snap mare from behind, to a sitting A-Ry. Back to a side headlock and giving forearms to A-Ry’s face. McGillicutty hits a running reverse elbow to A-Ry in the corner and goes back to the headlock spot. (McGillicutty’s Arsenal: move, move, rest-spot?move, move, rest-spot). A-Ry gets up and hits a sweep/Rock-Bottom. A-Ry hits some high-energy offense: flying double ax-handle, clothesline, and spine-buster. Then he hits his signature DDT, and McGillicutty kicks out! Let’s go Riley chants. McGillicutty hits a Saito suplex on A-Ry; he kicks out. McGillicutty goes to the top rope. Matthews says we’ve never seen this from him. A-Ry grabs the top rope and McGillicutty loses his balance (and probably a couple of kids). A-Ry hits a rather sloppy, but effective belly to belly superplex. McGillicutty kicks out! A-Ry lifts him on his shoulders for the Final Score; McGillicutty gets out, and hits the Turning Heads neck breaker for the win. (Decent match from two guys with huge up-sides).

Winner by pin fall: Michael McGillicutty (7:45)

They plug the main-event.


MGK ? Invincible is now available on iTunes.

Dave Batis?I mean Mason Ryan makes his way to the ring. (His hair is finally starting to get long; that ‘in-limbo’ hairdo wasn’t doing him any favors). Stanford says if he was casting an action super-hero, he would cast Ryan, regardless of his acting skills (or wrestling skills). Justin Roberts introduces Tyler Reks, accompanied by Curt Hawkins. Stanford asks why Hawkins still needs a cane. Matthews says he has obviously used it to his advantage.

Mason Ryan vs. Tyler Reks

They go to lock-up, and Ryan shows his strength by throwing Reks off of him. Reks gets clotheslined over the top, and to the outside. Reks tries to regroup, and gets back in. He lands some kicks and punches to Ryan, who goes down to one knee. Ryan overpowers him, sets him up in a vertical suplex, pauses with Reks’ feet in the air, and then slams Reks down. Ryan seems to attempt a running power slam, but Reks wiggles out and hits a chop-block to the back of Ryan’s knee, then a double front drop-kick. He stomps Ryan in the corner, then blasts him with punches. He works on Ryan’s back, panders to the crowd, and Ryan elbows him in the gut. Ryan lifts him and plants him face n belly first. Ryan hits some forearms, springs off the ropes, and front-kicks Reks in the head. He slams him for a near fall. Hawkins yells at the ref to stop clowning around. Reks gets the upper-hand in the corner, the ref restrains him, and Hawkins hits Ryan in the head with his cane, behind the ref’s back. Reks lifts up Ryan on his shoulder and plants him face-first to the mat for the win.

Winner by pin fall: Tyler Reks (4:22)

The main event is next.


Metallica ? The Memory Remains is available on iTunes. (This song was released in 1997, by the way).

Raw Rebound: Undertaker/HHH

Tony Chimel introduces Justin Gabriel. (I’m surprised they haven’t paired Gabriel and Kofi for some kind of Africa gimmick. I may have spoken too soon).

(Commercial) (Remember kids, B.A. Star).

Jinder Mahal’s turban (pagri) makes his way to the ring. (I’m sorry, but I don’t like the ‘ethnic exploitation gimmicks.’ It’s 2012).

Justin Gabriel vs. Jinder Mahal

Our announcers are now Matthews and Striker. Striker says the maroon color of Mahal’s pagri is indicative of his family’s high status. He puts it in a clear plastic case at ringside. Striker says that is new, and he likes it: the new WWE. He says this is what HHH was talking about: the future. He says if Undertaker gets his way, it might jeopardize new things and guys like Mahal. (I fail to follow the logic in that statement. What exactly does Undertaker want)? Gabriel gets the upper-hand first with the good ol’ side head-lock. Now Mahal has Gabriel in a side head-lock. They make note of Gabriel’s game plan to throw Mahal off and slow things down. They exchange some offense. Gabriel goes back to the head-lock. Matthews notes a change in everybody’s attitude this time of year. Gabriel hits a Huricanrana off the second rope. He sends Mahal to the ropes and kicks him to the outside. Gabriel attempts to leap off the top rope, Mahal moves, Gabriel back-flips back into the ring. (Nice) He then slides under the bottom rope and gets clotheslined by Mahal who panders up to?God? (Maybe it’s The Warrior’s Gods).


Back in the ring, Mahal makes a cover, Gabriel quickly kicks out. Striker says that during the break Mahal has been wisely shutting down Gabriel’s fast-paced offense. Gabriel hops on Mahal like a monkey, uses his weight, and front-flips him. (Maybe I’m a little rusty with my move names. It’s not like the announcers call/know moves anymore. All I know is from the 80’s and 90’s). Gabriel goes for a backslide pin but Mahal kicks out. (Seriously, has that ever worked? Maybe once or twice in 25 years). Mahal hits a neck-breaker, 1?2?no go. Mahal continues to work the neck. Gabriel kicks out after a beating. Gabriel is violently whipped to the turnbuckle; he falls to the mat. Striker praises Mahal’s veteran-like, slow, methodical tactics. (Cerebral Assassin anyone)? Rest spot; Mahal is holding Gabriel’s chin and arm from behind ever so delicately. Mahal goes for a knee; Gabriel moves out of the way, Mahal hits his knee on the turnbuckle. Gabriel hits a face-buster to Mahal using his own head while falling to his butt. Gabriel hits a Tornado Punch!?! (RIP Kerry Von Erich), then a spinning side-kick. He then hits a flying cross-body from the top rope. Mahal kicks out; Gabriel hits a Stinger Splash. Gabriel hits his Blue Thunder Driver. Mahal’s shoulder is on Gabriel’s leg so the ref can’t make the call. (Good call on the ref’s part. Small details like that really help with the whole suspension of disbelief thing). The announcers ask if that was chance or strategy on Mahal’s part. (Again, good detail). Gabriel goes for the springboard moonsault, but Mahal gets his knees up. Mahal knees him in the back of the head. Mahal calls on his Gods again and applies the Camel-Clutch. (Yes kids, all Middle-Eastern/Indian wrestlers, err sports-entertainers MUST use this as their finisher. It’s the law). Gabriel taps.

Winner by submission: Jinder Mahal (12:57)