WWE Week In Review + Elimination Chamber Prediction

Top Five Moments of WWE Raw

Laurinaitis the Suck Up: At first, I dreaded Laurinaitis on WWE TV, but the character has gotten better every week. His attempts to save his job by sucking up to everybody were truly hilarious, but I am hoping for another Mick Foley-type breakdown again.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: A lot of praise has been given to this match and it's all well-deserved. Plus Daniel Bryan's vegan lifestyle promos are a great spoof of the SES.

Jericho Attacks Punk: The top notch match between Punk and Bryan led to the best timing for an interference. Finally Jericho and Punk have interacted and the fallout should be even better.

The Undertaker's Wig: The Undertaker returns and while it should have been an intense build up to the rematch no one really wants, the plastic wig on the Deadman's head was very distracting. He has action figures with more realistic hair.

Cena & Kane: Cena loves to embrace the hate, or he has a steel steps fetish. Either way, lets keep the violence up and continue to push the PG limits.

Smackdown Results in 25 Words

Randy Orton avenges Wade Barrett is spectacular main event. Bryan is a vegan and Big Show loves steak. Mark Henry suspended and Great Khali returns.

New DVD Releases
Raw & Smackdown: The Best of 2011 It probably seems pointless to watch this set now, but in three to five years, it will be a great collection to relive moments you forgot. Wait a couple of months and the price will go down.

Royal Rumble Recap
After a week of letting it settle in, I am ultimately happy with Sheamus winning and getting a main event spot at Wrestlemania. Overall, the match as a whole was kind of disappointing, mostly because it lacked big stars.

WWE YouTube Channel
The new WWE YouTube Channel launched this week and there is a lot of great content. Dolph Ziggler's "WWE Download" was one highlight, which you can check out below.

WWE Tweets of the Week
John Cena (@JohnCena) owned The Rock on Twitter this week, giving him the whole category.

Once again outclassed by #thefakeone man it would be a shame if Dwayne got beat by a guy with a mangina. Hey hollywood what u doin april 9?

He was home and never leaving....only to leave again. Being your boots movie star. Ill see u april 1st. Meanwhile ill do my job, one that I would never leave. The one I love. The one u left. #everyotherdaybesideswrestlemaina

Final Word: Elimination Chamber Speculation
Kane and John Cena will likely face each other in a Last Man Standing Match at the Elimination Chamber. Here's how they will both go over and keep momentum into Wrestlemania. Zack Ryder will make his return, help John Cena and Kane will lose the match. Kane will still look powerful because it took people to defeat him and John Cena will head to 'Mania will a victory under his belt. Meanwhile, Zack Ryder will face Kane at Wrestlemania in a grudge match.


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