CM Punk Pays Respect To Arn Anderson, Note From Ryback Vs. Alex Riley Match

- There was a situation at the RAW event in Charlotte last night where Alex Riley appeared to be injured after losing a squash match to "Ryback" Skip Sheffield. Riley stayed in the ring holding his head after the match and was helped to the back by referee Charles Robinson, according to a fan in attendance.

- After CM Punk defeated Dolph Ziggler in the main event of the Charlotte event last night, he introduced wrestling legend Arn Anderson to the crowd. Punk called Arn someone going into the Hall of Fame who never got the credit he deserved. Anderson came out with John Cena.

Anderson said he brought Cena out because he felt that the spotlight should always be on a wrestler. Anderson talked about going into the Hall of Fame before the Horsemen music began to play and he embraced Cena and Punk. Anderson left up the ramp and was greeted by most of the RAW roster. One fan in attendance noted that the feeling of respect between the WWE talents and "The Enforcer" was very obvious.

You can get full results from the live event at this link.


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