Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas recently gave his views on working WrestleMania with
Wrestling Voice Radio. Here are some highlights:

What WrestleMania means to him and his career: "It sounds like a cliche, but it is the show everybody looks forward to. Not just the wrestlers themselves, but the referees themselves want to be a part of it. I think it was WrestleMania 13 in Chicago and I refereed the pre-show match, but not a match on the pay-per-view, which was disappointing, because you want to be part of that and it means just as much to the referees, we don't draw the money or bring in pay-per-view buys, but we just really wanted to be part of it."

What does he regard as his WrestleMania Moment: "Absolutely, gotta be WrestleMania 24. Does it get much bigger than The Undertaker versus Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship? And it's the last match, the main event. Just being in there with those two legends is just beyond words.

"The night before it was like 2.30 in the morning and I realized I wasn't getting any sleep. I was so pumped and so excited and leading up to it just going over in my mind what a moment it is to be involved in the main event of WrestleMania."

On being legitimately knocked-out in the ring at WrestleMania IV: "I'm gonna clear this one, yes I got knocked out and a lot of people are blaming Jimmy Hart for that, but he was actually very good with the megaphone, I actually knocked myself out. If you happen to watch it back, when I face-plant on the canvas my chin landed on the canvas, I knocked myself out. I let it go on too long and let people blame him for too long (laughs), but it wasn't him."

On The Rock versus John Cena: "I think it has the potential to be the most watched WrestleMania of all time. I think John Cena gets a lot of unfair criticism. Like him or hate him, he gets a reaction from everybody and people are paying to see him whether they are paying to see him win or paying to see him lose.

"I would have to say John Cena (will win), I don't think The Rock losing hurts him. The Rock can wrestle another 100 matches and lose all matches and still be The Rock. It would benefit John Cena more to win at WrestleMania."

On The Undertaker and Triple H's Hell in a Cell Match: "I think that match will be the one to bring the most emotion out of the crowd. All three participants, and I'm including HBK, they just have a way of drawing you in. Placement on the card is going to be very tough. Both title matches have taken a backseat. It just tells you how important those matches are."