Full Recap From The WrestleMania 28 Press Conference In Miami (Updated With Video)

The WrestleMania 28 press conference opens with Josh Mathews and Matt Striker from the Eden Roc Hotel in Miami. Striker talks about how many members of the media here and the top WrestleMania stars. We go to a video looking at the Hell in a Cell match.

Striker and Matthews talk about the big Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long match. Captains David Otunga and United States Champion Santino Marella join them. Santino says Team Teddy will be victorious because of justice and because they are the good guys. Otunga calls Santino a bafoon and says justice will prevail because Team Johnny has the legal counsel - yours truly. Otunga talks about how smart he is. He says we haven't seen a physique like his since Rick Rude. They talk about John Cena vs. The Rock next and Santino says he can't predict it. We go to a video looking at Cena vs. Rock.

Mathews and Striker talk about the Hall of Fame now when The Miz interrupts. Miz, Striker and Mathews talk about Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long as we hear the press conference getting ready to begin in the background. We see the media sitting down as Michael Cole comes out to the podium and welcomes us.

Cole talks about the city of Miami getting WrestleMania and introduces Commissioner Jose Diaz. He thanks WWE for bringing WrestleMania to Miami and talks about the different fans that will come to town this week. Diaz fumbles his words as he reads them from paper before introducing WWE's Senior VP of Events, John Saboor. Saboor first puts over Diaz in bringing WrestleMania to Miami and talks about how WrestleMania is a week-long celebration. He talks about Axxess, the Hall of Fame and then the big pay-per-view on Sunday. Saboor, a WWE employee, refers to the 2012 Hall of Fame headliner as "The Edge." Saboor goes on to talk about RAW after WrestleMania and the Road to WrestleMania 29. Saboor says WWE wants to leave more in Miami than they take out. He thanks them. Diaz goes to present Saboor with a plaque of some kind but Saboor cuts him off. Saboor wants to bring someone else out and introduces Triple H.

Triple H comes out and Diaz declares this week WrestleMania 28 Week in Miami. He does it again so the crowd will cheer louder and then presents Triple H with the proclamation from Miami. Diaz talks some more and then presents them with the key to the county. Saboor, Diaz and Triple H do a photo op now. Triple H comes back to the podium and thanks Diaz for everything. He says Miami has rolled out the red carpet for WWE this week. Triple H thanks the media and everyone else for coming out. He says since he has the key to the city, he will keep it open late tonight. Triple H talks about WrestleMania and what it means to the company now. He says this year is extra special because of the event itself and because of the location in Miami. He says it's really once in a lifetime.

Triple H talks about John Cena granting Make-A-Wish wishes, WWE stars visiting children, the WrestleMania Reading Challenge, WWE holding anti-bullying rallies this week and other good deeds the company is doing. Triple H says once that is done, they turn their attention to Sunday and just have fun. Triple H says he's going to make history by ending The Undertaker's streak. He says he will see everyone, including Taker, on Sunday. Cole comes back to the podium and talks about WrestleMania being the social media event of the year. He talks about some of the WWE Superstars that are live tweeting from the press conference. Cole introduces some of the stars tweeting - The Miz, David Otunga, Santino Marella, Kofi Kingston, Ricardo Rodriguez and out they come with mobile devices in hand, tweeting away.

The guys come out as "Wild Ones" play and they just tweet. It's like a Twitter fashion show or something. Cole thanks them for helping make this the social media event of the year and they leave. Miami Dolphins star Mike Pouncey comes out and briefly talks about being a fan of WWE and WrestleMania.

Cole comes back out and introduces WWE Divas Champion Beth Phoenix and Eve Torres. Beth speaks first and she's very friendly for the heel. She says to always expect surprises at Axxess and talks about Divas being excited for WrestleMania. Eve talks about the "be a STAR" program and WWE going against bullying. Beth has a breaking scoop and reveals that Maria Menounos broke two ribs this week. Beth goes into heel mode and talks about how they will beat up Kelly Kelly and send Maria packing. Eve says she and Beth will be supreme at WrestleMania and they leave.

Cole introduces Rosa Mendes next. She comes out and gives thanks in Spanish and then says the same thing in English.

Cole comes back out and introduces WWE Champion CM Punk. Punk, wearing jeans and a Colt t-shirt, says he was wearing a suit earlier but decided to take it off when he heard how hot it was. Punk mentions kicking Chris Jericho's ass at WrestleMania. Punk says everyone was sitting on their hands when he came out because Cole was boring them to death. Punk runs down Cole some more and attempts some jokes but they don't go over well with the crowd. Punk brings up Taker vs. HHH and how excited he is for that. He also brings up Rock vs. Cena and says they legitimately don't like each other. Punk jokes and says the crowd has been awesome.

Cole comes back out and puts over how big John Cena is. Cena comes out next and even he seems off. It must be the heat there because everyone seems uncomfortable today. Cena talks about WrestleMania and then the big Make-A-Wish pizza party. Cena talks about meeting a boy named Dylan in Cleveland a few weeks back. Dylan has beat cancer three times and is traveling to Miami with his family right now for WrestleMania. Cena says he has been waiting for the match against The Rock his whole life and the match has been in the making for a year. Cena says he will make Miami proud and thanks Miami before walking off. Cole comes back out and talks about The Rock next.

Rock comes out and talks about this being the biggest WrestleMania of all-time and the main event is the biggest match ever. Rock says the WWE stars are hungry to put on once in a lifetime performances this Sunday. Rock is ready to give a Hurricane style ass whooping to Cena on Sunday. Rock thanks Miami for everything and invites Cena out to the stage. Rock has crew come move the podium.

Cena comes out and they do a forced face off as some music plays. Rock smirks and says something to Cena before walking off. Cena mouths something to the audience about being #1 before Cole comes back out. Cole thanks everyone for attending and promises interviews with Superstars to come for the media. We go back to Striker and Mathews who plug the Hall of Fame and WrestleMania before ending it.


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