Mike Tyson Talks Time With D-X, Ted Dibiase Updates His Fans

-- ESPN has an interview with "Iron" Mike Tyson talking about his induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame this weekend. During the interview, Tyson spoke highly of his time in WWE and revealed that his kids are more excited for his WWE HOF induction than his boxing HOF one.

"I had a ball doing WWE," said Tyson. "I was with [Michaels and Triple H tag team] Degeneration X [in 2010] and I was a pretty in-your-face kind of guy. We were the crotch choppers.

"I just loved doing it and I really appreciated Vince McMahon," he continued. "He knew how to get me when times were hard. Usually when times are hard, everyone knows how to run away from you, but he came to get me and I am extremely grateful. This is real and I am not just sucking up. I don't want to kiss no a--, but I don't know where I would have been without WWE at that particular time in my life."

You can check out the full interview by clicking here.

-- Ted Dibiase has posted his latest video in which he reveals a song that affects his upcoming Foundation. Check it out below:


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