Paul Ciullo of PAC's Sports and Entertainment Forum has an interview with 2012 WWE Hall of Fame inductee Tully Blanchard. Here are some highlights, you can check out the full interview by clicking here.

Favorite matches and angles while being a part of the Four Horsemen: "The stuff with Magnum was great in 1985, and that was just a little bit pre-Four Horsemen. The thing that a lot people talk about is when we attacked Dusty in the parking lot. That was a great angle, and once we were over and we had all the championships, you could actually schedule guys against us without an angle and it made money. Especially if it was with someone that the people liked, like Robert and Ricky or The Road Warriors. We never did a big angle with The Road Warriors, we just scheduled them for the belts. And when the belts mean something, the matches mean something, and those things are very profitable."

His time in WWE: "It was very enlightening and very good for our careers. I mean it was the last stage of my career but we didn't know that, but when I look at it 22 years later I would've never been in a main event in Madison Square Garden if I wouldn't have went to the WWE. I would've never been in a WrestleMania and those things are just awesome memories. Being able to go to Maple Leaf Garden and wrestle Bret Hart, what a thrill that was. Him and Jim the Anvil. I got to wrestle in Calgary where I was born, and I had relatives come to the matches in Edmonton. So we got to do a lot of things and go to a lot of places."

The Brain Busters' feud with The Rockers: "Those guys were very, very talented, and certainly Shawn Michael's career proves that. There was nothing him and Marty Jannetty couldn't do. They both sold, they both made comebacks, both had outstanding stuff. We wrestled them the first time we wrestled in the Garden, and it was very exciting that the wrestling fans in Madison Square Garden could get behind that kind of entertainment because they weren't used to seeing tag matches like we did. It was exciting for the people and they grabbed onto everything that we did. That first three months that we wrestled those guys was wonderful up there."

The Horsemen being inducted in the Hall Of Fame: "You can't really say 'were going to induct everybody that called themselves a Horsemen'. WCW spent two or three years putting every person they could think of into that group trying to resurrect the Horsemen. You know, 'Ric Flair and the IV Horsemen'. In the beginning it was never just 'Ric Flair and the IV Horsemen'. He was part of the IV Horsemen but we were all champions, so it was never really the Ric Flair show. Certainty the World Heavyweight Champion for the first time being part of a group gave you great credibility. But there is only a handful of guys that dominated wrestling, and I think that's what we are being inducted into the Hall of Fame for, because we dominated ticket sales during the period. And it started with Ole, and yes that was an original thing, but he was only a Horsemen for a short amount of time. With Lex we were still moving in an upward vein, and when it got into the middle innings and the end of the thing is when Barry, Arn and I, and Ric were carrying the load, '87/'88. Up until the time that is was time for me and Arn to go."

Much more is contained in the interview, you can check it out by clicking here.