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The Raw video intro runs to begin the show. We are 6 nights away from WrestleMania and are in Atlanta, GA tonight.

Randy Orton makes his way to the ring. Booker T is on commentary with Lawler and Cole. Sheamus come to the ring. They introduce Daniel Bryan with AJ. Kane comes out to his full intro.

Randy Orton & Sheamus vs. Kane & Daniel Bryan

Orton and Bryan start out. Bryan avoids Sheamus and tags Kane. Sheamus hits a battering ram on Kane from the top. Bryan does a number on Sheamus on the outside behind the ref's back.


Back in the ring, Bryan kicks Sheamus in the head. Sheamus makes a hot tag to Orton and the crowd pops for him. Orton cleans house and gets ready for the RKO on Bryan but Kane pulls Bryan out. Orton and Kane brawl on the outside. Bryan puts the boots to Orton. Kane takes control of Orton. Kane hits a flying clothesline. Kane stalks Orton with a chokeslam attempt but Orton turns around and dropkicks him. Orton makes the tag and Bryan tags in too. Orton tries to RKO Kane on the outside but Kane sends him in to the pole. AJ enters the ring and shields Bryan from Sheamus. The ref escorts her out while Kane chokeslams Sheamus for Bryan to make the cover.

Winners by pin: Kane & Daniel Bryan

Video package of Cena/Rock at WrestleMania last year


Cole is in the ring; he puts on a red "Team Johnny" t-shirt. He is the official announcer for the team, of that match. He introduces Johnny who introduces the official flag bearer: Vickie Guerrero. Otunga is introduced; he does his best Lex Luger/Chris Masters pose on the stage and they make their way to the ring.
Booker gets on the table and announces Long who announces Santino; he comes out with Hornswoggle, who is waving their team flag.

Santino vs. David Otunga

Cole rants about being the #1 trend worldwide. Otunga takes out Santino. Otunga waves the flag and poses; Hornswoggle comes in and Otunga takes his flag. Santino hits the Cobra from behind and pins Otunga.

Winner by pin: Santino

Johnny protests in the ring. Long pushes him and he topples over Santino who was hiding behind him. Miz comes down and hits his finisher on Santino. Johnny says Miz is on his team.

Punk takes on Christian tonight.


They run a video package of the Cena/Rock "challenge" from last year after WrestleMania.

A nice video package is shown of The Undertaker and Triple H.

Eve w/ Beth Phoenix vs. Kelly Kelly


Kelly starts a 'hoski' chant. Eve chokes her out in the corner. Eve tries a moonsault but Kelly moves out of the way. Kelly rolls her up for the pin.

Winner by pin: Kelly Kelly

A video package shows Rock/Cena at Survivor Series last November.

CM Punk is backstage walking towards the arena.


Christian comes to the ring, wearing a Team Johnny shirt.

CM Punk vs. Christian

Jericho shows up on the Titantron; he is in the same "studio setting" as last week but he has on his 'Lite-Brite' jacket. He says he going to win the title and recaps Punk's family problems. He says Punk's parents got married after Punk's birth and calls him a bastard. Christian attacks Punk from behind. Punk drives Christian's head into the announce table repeatedly. Punk has lost it. Punk drops Christian face-first on the steel steps. He puts the Anaconda Vice on Christian; the refs struggle to get him off. Punk says, "This is you, Jericho." Punk attacks Christian again. Punk holds the title up, in the ring.

Winner: No Contest


Christian may have re-injured his neck.

Broadus Clay does his full intro.

Broadus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins

Hawkins takes Clay's leg out. Clay gets the advantage. Clay hits a big splash for the win.

Winner by pin: Broadus Clay

Clay and his dancers celebrate in the ring.

They run a video package of the Rock/Cena promos from the past month.


Big Show vs. Primo w/ Epico and Rosa

Show goes right at Primo. Show has a determined look in his eyes. Show hits a chokeslam.

Winner by pin: Big Show

Epico gets in the ring and gets chokeslammed too.

Cody comes out on the stage. He tells Show to not bother chasing him. He says he's going to make Show's name into a verb, as in "to choke," at WrestleMania.


A Vignette for Lord Tensai runs.

The Bella Twins are arguing about Team Johnny vs. Teddy. Zack Ryder interjects; they call him a loser and leave. Eve shows up and asks Ryder to stay at her hotel at WrestleMania. She teases a kiss and says that after the show they will celebrate.

Josh Matthews is interviewing CM Punk backstage. Punk says "Go ask Christian how I feel." He says his family is "off-limits." He says he is the best wrestler in the world.


Mark Henry w/ John Laurinaitis vs. Khali w/ Teddy Long

Khali takes control early. Henry slams him in under a minute for the pin.

Winner by pin: Mark Henry

Laurinaitis throws Long in the ring with Henry. Johnny flags the rest of his team to come down and block the way. Long's team is held at bay. Kofi runs down and jumps over everybody only to be caught by Henry and slammed. Henry picks up Long but Booker T enters the ring and takes him out. Long thanks him and asks him to join his team. Booker says "Now can you dig that sucka?!" He does The Spin-a-roonie.

They show Rock/Cena from last week.


The Rock's music hits.

The crowd is somewhat mixed, but more cheers than boos. Rock pauses for some chants. Rock says since 2004 people have been asking when he's coming back. He says he found out when that would be, last year at WrestleMania. He says Cena is the only man people wanted him to face. He calls Cena one of the biggest stars of all time. He says Cena has never seen anything like him.

Cena's music hits.

Cena says Rock will never see anything like him. He says he matches Rock's electricity with pure emotion. He leads the crowd in a "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks" chant. Cena says that any other wrestler, including Rock, would just turn their back his back on the fans; but he has ideals and rises above, and he wins. He says he will win on Sunday. Cena says he's been an active member of the WWE longer than the Rock. Cena says he'll be dam**d if Rock is going to come in a visitor and take his life from him. Cena says he HAS to win.

Rock says he's no visitor. He says he helped build this house. Rock says nobody can say they, at WrestleMania, have beaten Hogan, Austin, and Cena. Rock says he needs this so he can cement himself as the greatest of all time. Rock says he doesn't like Cena and he's going to give him the a** kicking of a lifetime.

Cena says the headline will read: "Cena Whips The Rock's Ass."

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