Did Reks And Hawkins Save Their Jobs?, Beth & Sheamus In Chicago And More

- Wrestling stars appearing at this weekend's Chiller Theater convention in Parsippany, New Jersey include Bobby Heenan, Sgt. Slaughter, Greg Valentine and Melina.

- World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus and Beth Phoenix are scheduled to do a signing this weekend at Navy Pier in Chicago at 1pm on the Pepsi Skyline Stage. The signing is $35 and a free Q&A session will follow. No word yet if the injured Beth Phoenix will be appearing still.

- Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins were backstage at last night's RAW Supershow from Detroit, Michigan but failed to get #SaveReksandHawkins trending worldwide on Twitter. John Laurinaitis previously told the duo if they got the hashtag to trend during RAW, their jobs would be safe after William Regal fired them on NXT last week.

Reks and Hawkins tried hard to get the term trending worldwide but couldn't. They did manage to get #SaveReksandHawkins to trend in the UK.


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