Heyman On If He's Helping Lesnar, More On Derrick Bateman, Bellas "Outside The Ring"

- As noted earlier, Mark Madden recently stated that Paul Heyman has been helping Brock Lesnar with his promos since he returned to WWE earlier this month. Heyman denied Madden's assertion via Twitter, writing, "@MarkMaddenX As flattered as I am by the notion, I have nothing to do with #BrockLesnar's @WWE promos... Believe it or not, @WWE got it right ... in a BIG way ... with that #DeathClutch promo last week on #Raw

"I'd love to take even a tiny bit of the credit for that promo, but it all belongs to @WWE and Brock himself! I will, however, be happy to take a little credit for co-writing Brock's autobiography #DeathClutch"

- We reported yesterday that Derrick Bateman's profile was removed from the Superstars listing on WWE.com. It appears that it may be a technical glitch, as you can still find his profile on the site if you select "NXT," where the only other profiles listed are for Maxine and Percy Watson. Neither he nor Watson appear if you select the current roster, while Maxine does. Bateman poked some fun at the story on his Twitter, posting this photo of his "profile."

- The latest episode of Outside The Ring follows The Bella Twins as they go to the Wave House in San Diego, California, you can check it out below.

Sam and @KiddShooter contributed to this article.


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