John Cena Cuts Post-Match Promo, Hints At Leaving For A While

John Cena appeared to have injured his left arm during his match with Brock Lesnar at tonight's Extreme Rules pay-per-view, and hinted that he may be leaving for awhile. After defeating the former UFC heavyweight champion at tonight's event, Cena took the mic and addressed the crowd.

"I'm probably going to get sent home for speaking when I'm not spoken to, but I think I'm headed home anyway," Cena said after the match. "And if I know my boss, he's going to kick me out the door, but he's going to do it on air, so I hope this is for the world to see.

"Chicago, I know this is CM Punk's town, but above all else, this is a wrestling town. Tonight, you people were supposed to see the extreme. I've got no left arm, I'm tasting my own blood... and I'm damn proud to say it was in Chicago, IL.

"All of us -- good guys, bad guys, big guys, small guys -- all of us give everything we have every night for you guys. And if I gotta take a vacation, so be it. If I'm going away for a while, I just wanna say thanks for one hell of a last ride. I feel great tonight, even with this Chicago crowd that may or may not like me. I listen to that and I think, if I'm going out, I wouldn't want to do it any other way! Thank you guys, go home safe!"

While heading to the back, Cena told officials that he couldn't move his arm, but he knows it's not torn. He has been working hurt for awhile, so it may just be an angle to give him a break.

More shortly.


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