More On Daniel Bryan's Insane Crowd Reactions In Miami (With Videos)

Thanks to reader Omar Enrique for sending this in:

I had this crazy idea of making "YES" signs for Wrestlemania 28. I created 15 "YES" signs and just passed it around my area. I believe the signs were very visible (we were right in the front).

Anyhow, the whole crowd was very disappointed with the horrible treatment Daniel Bryan received. I decided to ignite the crowd in Miami for RAW last night for the disrespect they showed to Bryan. It all started when the Rock was delivering his promo. The "YES" signs kept jumping up and down behind The Rock. The chants for "Rocky Rocky" suddenly turned into "YES! YES! YES!"

We received a great dark match after Brock Lesnar left the arena featuring Randy Orton, The Big Show and Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes, Kane and Daniel Bryan. The match was great and it even got to the point where Orton and Big Show couldn't stop laughing with the "YES" chants. Sheamus won the match for his team with the Brogue Kick to Bryan. No one was happy with Bryan jobbing once again. However, everyone left the ring so Bryan could have his moment with the fans.

Here is the video and some highlights from the post-match interview. Bryan also promised a new shirt for the fans. He clearly received the biggest pop of the night... yes, even bigger than Brock Lesnar.

Here is another video of Bryan's speech (thanks to Kiwikind for sending this one):

Omar Enrique contributed to this article.


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