Randy Orton Reveals How He Feels Towards Brock Lesnar

The Fight Club Chicago Radio show had an interview with Randy Orton back in November before Brock Lesnar came back to WWE. When asked about Lesnar in WWE '12, Orton had the following to say about the former UFC heavyweight champion.

"I think its great," said Orton. "I'm a big Lesnar fan and I've always been. We came up together about 10 years ago now. Me and him were buds. We've lost touch over the years as you usually do with guys like that, but I wish him the best.

"I know he's had a few health issues as of late. But, he'll conquer those just like he's conquered every other obstacle that has come his way. I truly feel he's one of the few human beings I've ever met that have been able too accomplish as much as he's accomplished. He puts his mind, body and soul into it and he's gonna get it done."

Source: Fight Club Chicago Radio


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