– Tajiri was trending worldwide on Twitter last night after Lord Tensai spit the green mist at John Cena. Other terms trending last night includes fish & chips, The Yes Lock, Abraham Washington and Chief Jay Strongbow, among others.

– Speaking of Abraham Washington, it appears he is no longer trying to “sign” Mark Henry. Abe appeared on last night’s RAW Supershow and was scouting the match with WWE Tag Team Champions Epico & Primo vs. Big Show and The Great Khali. Since last week, Washington has wrote on Twitter how his phone is ringing off the hook with talents wanting him to represent them.

– Former WCW star Konnan recently appeared on the MLW.com podcast about Alberto Del Rio, Sin Cara, Kevin Nash, racism in wrestling and lots more. The full interview can be heard at MLW.com or on iTunes. Konnan had the following to say about Del Rio wanting to quit WWE before he was called up to the main roster:

“The trainers over at FCW told me that when [Del Rio] came in, he was terrible. He said basically, I’m not making any money here [in developmental], I’m going home. My wife is pregnant and I’m out. I’m going back to Mexico.”

“John Laurinaitis told one of the trainers, we’re going to be inducting Mil Mascaras into the Hall of Fame and we kind of want someone to induct him. We need to push a Latino guy. Just put him on the road and see how he does.”