WrestleMania XXVIII is moments away. As noted earlier, we took some time last week with some of our friends in the business to talk about tonight’s PPV. Once again, here are our predictions for the top two matches at tonight’s show.

In what may be a bit of foreshadowing, The Undertaker goes 19-1 with the picks, with only one person picking Triple H to win this Sunday.


Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303, WrestlingINC.com owner): “The only way an Undertaker loss makes sense here is if this is indeed his last match, and even in that case it makes more sense to just have ‘Taker retire with the streak intact. It truly appears that Shawn Michaels plans on sticking to his retirement promise, so I don’t see him screwing Triple H to setup a match between them down the line. My prediction is that Undertaker pins The Game clean, with HBK calling it straight down the middle. However… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Brock Lesnar (if the deal can be made by then) head to the ring after the match and plant ‘Taker with an F-5, setting up a match between the two for next year’s WrestleMania.” Winner: The Undertaker

Seth Mates (@SethMates, Former WWE Creative Team member): “‘Taker wins. There is NO money in ending the streak. They’re pulling out all the bells and whistles on this one so the guys might be limited; I hate that they’re throwing all the legends into this one match and not using ‘Taker and Triple H to spotlight younger guys.” Winner: The Undertaker

Headbanger Mosh (@ChazMosh, Former WWE tag team champion:): “The streak stays alive! ‘Taker comes back for WrestleMania 29 and wins a handicap match for 21 in a row!” Winner: The Undertaker

Sir Rockin’ (@Wildtalkradio, Executive Producer of Wild Talk Radio Network): “This has to be the best built match up of the entire show. Each week on RAW, Triple H, The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels stole the spotlight away from everyone else on the show and sucked you in to their feud with tons of added drama, especially when you added Shawn Michaels as the referee and the ‘Hell in a Cell’ to the battle. You have two legends of the WWE squaring off, its honestly going to be a brutal match up, but in my view The Undertaker keeps the streak in tact.” Winner: The Undertaker

Chris Van Vliet (@ChrisVanVliet, CBS Cleveland Entertainment Reporter): “There is absolutely zero chance that The Undertaker will walk away from this 19-1. What kind of a legacy would that leave? However, I also feel like there are so many other things going on with this match that will take away from the focus of what’s going on in the ring (or in this case, the cell). Much of the match will have fans staring at Taker’s newly bald head and the rest of the match will be us wondering why on earth Shawn Michaels is the guest referee.” Winner: The Undertaker

Stu Saks (@OfficialPWI, Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor): “Next to the rafter-hanging Sting in WCW, Undertaker has the best gig in wrestling history. At this point, all he has to do is wrestle one match a year, and as long as he adds to the WrestleMania intrigue (and buy rate), WWE is perfectly happy to sign his check. Who understands his value better than Triple H? Undertaker wins after a methodical, drama-filled struggle (sound familiar?), and unless Shawn Michaels has plans to wrestle on April 7, 2013, hopefully he stays mostly in the background.” Winner: The Undertaker

Alex Greenfield (@alexdgreenfield, Former Smackdown lead writer): “I anticipate a lot of shenanigans, possibly with Shawn ‘surprisingly’ turning on HHH to keep his legacy intact. But at the end of the day I think ‘Taker keeps the streak alive.” Winner: The Undertaker

Jay Calderon (WrestlingINC.com writer): “I have to go with the general consensus. I simply don’t see The Undertaker losing at WrestleMania to someone that doesn’t need that sort of feather in his cap. Truthfully, I can’t see ‘Taker losing on the biggest stage of them all to anyone. If it happens, however, it will likely happen to someone that needs that sort of credibility. Triple H doesn’t.” Winner: The Undertaker

Wade Keller (@thewadekeller, PWTorch founder and editor): “I don’t see Triple H ending the streak. It’d be ridiculed forever like the Kevin Nash streak-ending win over Goldberg as a politically self-serving bad-for-business decision from someone in a position of influence. People more and more expect and want ‘Taker to retire with the streak in tact. If there is a wrestler who deserves to end the streak, and would benefit from it, I can’t think of him at this time. No one should be saddled with the rep of being the person who ended The Streak. Fans love it and think ‘Taker deserves it. So Triple H will do the right thing, and the obvious thing, and lose again this year. The real question is whether Shawn Michaels will end up influencing the finish, such as an errant superkick that lands on Triple H’s chin and leads to a Triple H vs. Michaels match at SummerSlam or WrestleMania in the future.” Winner: The Undertaker

Jackie Fiest (@JackieFiest, Co-Host of “The Rack”): “This match between ‘Taker and HHH is going to be completely off the hook and I’m predicting that The Deadman goes over here. This is Triple H’s third attempt to take down ‘Taker and I see no reason why this time will be any different. As far as HBK, as long as we don’t have a repeat of Summerslam ’97, I won’t have to kill him.” Winner: The Undertaker

Scotty Riggs (@REALScottyRiggs, Former WCW tag team champion): “Undertaker will win after Shawn Michaels ‘accidentally’ causes Triple H a loss like he did years ago between The Undertaker and Bret Hart.” Winner: The Undertaker

Andrew Goldstein (@AngeGold, Former WWE writer): “False finish-palooza as usual with ‘Taker’s WrestleMania matches. [We] definitely could see a misplaced superkick at some point, knocking out Triple H eventually leading, not directly, to Taker’s win, setting up some sort of Triple H/HBK deal at WrestleMania 29.” Winner: The Undertaker

Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia, The Soscia Network Radio Show): “I don’t think Undertaker’s streak should be broken at this WrestleMania. It’s one of the last things that remains untouched in the modern wrestling world. The only way I could see someone breaking his streak is if it means that person getting over and WWE having long term plans for that person. Triple H has nothing to gain by breaking Taker’s streak, but the fact that he would be feeding his own ego and I truly think he is smarter than to do that in this situation. Taker takes this one!” Winner: The Undertaker

Paul Belfi (@sportstalkNET, sportstalkNETWORK.com): “The challenge for WWE was to create a possibility that the Undertaker can lose at WrestleMania. Enter Shawn Michaels and mission accomplished. It is now plausible and believable that the Undertaker can lose. All that said, the Undertaker will NOT lose. Ever. The streak continues until Undertaker decides to retire. The streak is as important to WrestleMania as anything else booked for the PPV.” Winner: The Undertaker

Daniel Pena (WrestlingINC.com writer): “Shawn Michaels will inadvertently cost Triple H the match with Sweet Chin Music, leading to The Undertaker going 20-0.” Winner: The Undertaker

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal, Host of Aftermath on theScore Television Network): “I think Triple H will come as close as anyone has ever come to breaking the streak – 1…2… special referee HBK can’t count to three because what Triple H did to get to that pinfall was so dastardly that HBK has a moral decision to make and decides.. ‘not this way.’ I can also see this match, being that it involves superstars who are ‘the last of a dying breed,’ that we see ‘the last of a dying match’ involving violence and blood we aren’t used to seeing in today’s WWE. In the end, after Triple H finds a way out of Hell’s Gate (which finished him at WrestleMania 27) it will be something spectacular that will put ‘The Game’ away for good and the WWE Universe celebrated an astonishing 20-0 streak while feeling a sense of closure.” Winner: The Undertaker

Court Bauer (@courtbauer, Former WWE creative team member): “Undertaker goes over after Shawn Michaels refuses to help Triple H.” Winner: The Undertaker

Lindsey Ward (@Linsward, Co-Host of “The Rack”): “There are rumors swirling that this is not Taker’s last year at ‘Mania. Also at 19-0, it makes no sense to end the streak now. I see Shawn and Hunter’s egos getting in the way throughout the match. Because of this, I’m sure ‘Taker will take advantage and continue the streak. Furthermore, I don’t see a repeat of last year where Taker was carted out. He will at least leave the cell under his own power while he leaves Triple H where he lies.” Winner: The Undertaker

The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent (@FeelTheMayhem, Monday Night Mayhem): “The story and build-up leading into Sunday’s collision between these two future WWE Hall of Famers has been quite effective. Great storytelling from ‘The Game’ and ‘The Dead Man’ on the mic. Sprinkle in the addition of Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee. Then, toss in in some wonderfully-produced vignettes (including the one from this past Monday’s RAW), plus the musical backdrop of ‘The Memory Remains’ by Metallica. Onto the bout itself… This very well could be ‘Taker’s biggest challenge yet to date. A focused and consumed ‘Cerebral Assassin’ hell bent on correcting his mistake from last year at WrestleMania XXVII in Atlanta. It will be a close, competitive contest. The cell will be a perfect way to close the feud between these two future WWE Hall of Famers. Could we see a little crimson from either one? Would be nice, but don’t count on it. With the rumors of a Shawn Michaels-Triple H match for next year’s ‘Mania, expect Michaels to cost Triple H as revenge, with The Undertaker making history once again in his backyard.” Winner: The Undertaker

Gary Spears (@_big_poppa, WSKS/WSKU-FM “KISS-FM”): “One last go around for both of these guys on the grandest stage of them all! This will be a brutally physical match inside the cell. But the question is: will ‘Taker do the job after taking a year off? Will his last match end in a loss? The fact is Taker is one of the last ‘Old School’ guys and if he IS going to do the job in his last match, he’d do it to Triple H. Look for ‘Taker to kick out of everything that Hunter can throw at him, and then Shawn Michaels getting involved to make sure the streak ends at the hands of his longtime friend.” Winner: Triple H

Here are predictions for tonight’s “Once In A Lifetime” main event match between The Rock and John Cena. Of the responses we received, eleven are predicting a Cena win while the remaining six, myself included, are picking The Rock.


Andrew Goldstein (@AngeGold, Former WWE writer): “[I] have to imagine Rock will throw everything at Cena, only to see him refuse to quit/keep kicking out to the point where Rock gets frustrated and does something heelish leading to Cena’s comeback and a moment where the fans, young and old, collectively rally around Cena. This is a baton passing moment from Rock to Cena anointing him, once and for all THE GUY for the current generation. [I] have to believe Rock’s job in this match is to destroy the division between the Cenation and the Cena haters. [I] wouldn’t be surprised – but would be extremely disappointed – if The Miz gets involved in this match playing off his role from last year’s ‘Mania. Rock goes away after Sunday, but this could lead to a Cena/Miz post-Mania program. Winner: Cena

Kian Terani (WrestlingINC.com writer): “This is a tough one. I honestly don’t think even that THEY [WWE] have finalized this one yet. I would personally like to finally see Cena’s heel turn–due to a Rock win OR Cena cheating to win–but that is not likely any time soon. That said, look for Cena to get a controversial but decisive pinfall on The Rock, and then Rocky getting his heat back with a beatdown on Cena for the hometown crowd.” Winner: Cena

Stu Saks (@OfficialPWI, Pro Wrestling Illustrated editor): “Cena pins The Rock, the two glare at each other for a moment, and then Rock raises Cena’s arm. With The Rock’s endorsement, will the haters suddenly embrace Cena? That would be WWE’s hope. But it’s probably not going to happen.” Winner: Cena

Alex Greenfield (@alexdgreenfield, Former Smackdown lead writer): “I’m hoping Rock goes over and an angry Cena goes heel the next night. [But] I’m expecting Cena winning with a respect handshake after the finish.” Winner: Cena

Wade Keller (@thewadekeller, PWTorch founder and editor): “This is a tough one for me to pick because you can make a convincing argument against either doing the job. Rock is in Miami, and if he does the job in Miami – no matter what the circumstances – there is a chance for a huge backlash against Cena, a star WWE will be relying on more than anyone after Rock, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Undertaker disappear from weekly TV. But then again, the same reasons apply to not having Cena lose. I’ve even had people suggest they go to a 60 minute draw to avoid this conundrum. I’m not sure Rock is up for that, though (or Cena, for that matter). So I tepidly, without an ounce of confidence, lean toward picking Cena to win in an artfully crafted way (with help from Rock’s mentor and friend, Pat Patterson) that puts Rock in a position to respectfully raise Cena’s arm in the end out of a sign of respect for putting up a hell of a fight.” Winner: Cena

Scotty Riggs (@REALScottyRiggs, Former WCW tag team champion): “Cena will win after Miz interferes, but it backfires, helping Cena get the win. This sets up a SummerSlam match between Cena and Miz where Cena gets his WrestleMania 27 revenge in a lower-scale PPV.” Winner: Cena

Seth Mates (@SethMates,Former WWE Creative Team member): “This match was built a year ago, and the ‘shoot’ promos and rock concerts of the past six weeks have done nothing but tread water and, if anything, set things backwards. Still, this match IS the show and will go on last. For a while I assumed Rock would go over, but looking back at what Hogan did for Rock at WrestleMania 18, I now think Cena goes over. Rock can recover from a loss in two seconds, while a win for Cena gives him bragging rights forever, which will make the male fanbase hate him even more. The big question is: Do we get a handshake after the match?” Winner: Cena

Chris Van Vliet (@ChrisVanVliet, CBS Cleveland Entertainment Reporter): “I’m going to go with John Cena here. To me, this match is reminiscent of the Hogan vs. Rock match at Wrestlemania 18. I see this as an opportunity for Rock to lose and pass the torch to Cena just as Hogan did for him 10 years ago. I just can’t see them having a guy who has wrestled twice in the last 8 years winning this.” Winner: Cena

Brian Soscia (@THEBrianSoscia, The Soscia Network Radio Show): “In my opinion, Cena HAS to win. It makes no sense from a business standpoint for The Rock to win. John Cena not only should win, but he deserves to win. This is the guy that has helped carry the company and his run should be solidified. The Rock gains nothing from winning, but Cena gains everything. I’m #TeamCena!” Winner: Cena

Paul Belfi (@sportstalkNET, sportstalkNETWORK.com): “Despite a few bumps in the road, WWE has been wildly successful in sustaining interest in this match for one year. The perfect mix of ‘dream match’ along with elements of ‘reality’ inserted in promos, Twitter exchanges makes this the most anticipated WrestleMania main event since Hulk Hogan v. Andre The Giant at WrestleMania III. At the end of the day, John Cena will remain with WWE and The Rock will leave and head back to Hollywood for some time. Expect John Cena to get the win and The Rock ‘passes the torch’ just as Hulk Hogan did for him at WrestleMania XVIII.” Winner: Cena

Court Bauer (@courtbauer, Former WWE creative team member): “Cena over… CLEAN!” Winner: Cena

Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303, WrestlingINC.com owner): “Up until a few weeks ago, I was convinced that Cena was going to win. After all, it’s the finish that makes the most sense… the torch is passed, Rock will be gone and Cena will remain the company’s top guy. Then I tried to get into the head of Vince McMahon, which is a scary thing. The one thing we have to remember is that McMahon really appreciates Rock coming back (case in point, the Rock’s birthday celebration on RAW last year). Also, there will be more eyeballs and media interest for this match than any other in recent history. Does McMahon want the image of the aftermath of quite possibly the biggest match in company history being Rock congratulating a victorious Cena to a vociferous chorus of boos? Or have the Rock with his hand raised with 60,000 fans going nuts? My vote is for the latter. Because of the magnitude of the match, I don’t see any outside interference, although I would expect Cena to have the match won at a couple of points after a ref bump before Rock eventually garners the win. I think we’ll see Cena congratulate Rock after, and then leave the ring to let The Rock soak in the adulation from his hometown crowd. The Rock is already expected to wrestle at next year’s WrestleMania, and possibly even SummerSlam this year, so there is plenty of time for Cena to get the win back.” Winner: The Rock

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal, Host of Aftermath on theScore Television Network): “I think because The Rock is returning for WrestleMania 28, on top of the fact that he is in great shape and certainly has more than a handful of top level matches left in him, it seems likely more than ever that the ‘passing of the torch’ that many are predicting won’t actually happen. For the first time in a larger than life epic WrestleMania main event, we may see interference. Say someone like The Miz costs Cena the match – The Rock wins and is strong going into his next match in WWE when he returns – Cena has a new rivalry to occupy him post-WrestleMania – and someone (like Miz) is elevated to main event level once again. It feels right for something like that to happen. Give me The Rock with a Rock Bottom and the 1-2-3 after some interference.” Winner: The Rock

Stephen Crews Jr. (WrestlingINC.com writer): “The Rock wins leading to John Cena needing the rematch at some point down the line. I see both men hitting multiple finishers on each other but eventually the Rock turns the tables on Cena and gets the victory by using the AA. The Rock doesn’t shake the hand of Cena after the match or show him any signs of respect. The doubts that are caused by the loss become the new obstacle for Cena to overcome until SummerSlam or WrestleMania 29, when the rematch happens.” Winner: The Rock

Gary Spears (@_big_poppa, WSKS/WSKU-FM “KISS-FM”): “I originally laughed at this a year ago, the main event being announced a year in advance… But I’ll tell you what… I haven’t wanted to see a match this bad since Hogan vs. Warrior! What peaked my interest is when Cena called out Rock for having notes written on his wrist. After 12 months of answering questions about the other guy, they ARE ready for this! It’ll be a solid match with the crowd being one of the hottest you’ll ever see/hear. Unfortunately, I don’t see a clean finish. Rock won’t do the job clean for Cena, and no one benefits storyline wise by screwing The Rock! So look for someone/something to interfere to cost Cena the match and set-up Cena’s next rivalry. Which is a shame, because THAT match deserves a clean finish.” Winner: The Rock

The Big Mosh & “The Chairman of the Board” Todd Vincent (@FeelTheMayhem, Monday Night Mayhem): “What else is there to say that already hasn’t been said? This has been the most-hyped match in WrestleMania history… at least in the age of the Internet and social media. ‘The Great One’ has already said he will be back for next year’s WrestleMania, and the scuttlebutt is that he’ll be back for SummerSlam. Plain and simple: No way does this feud continue past Sunday in Miami. [It’s] very hard to see Rock lose in his hometown. It’s one thing if you’re Jim Ross, who always seems to get embarrassed when the WWE comes to Oklahoma for televised events. It’s one thing if you’re ‘insert mid-card star’ here. ‘Dwayne’ will ride off into the sunset to film more movies and promote the forthcoming summer release of G.I. Joe II. He doesn’t need this victory at all…right? You have to remember, he came back for a reason: to defeat John Cena at ‘The Showcase of the Immortals.’ If he doesn’t win, he doesn’t achieve his goal. Good chance of interference in this bout, but a greater chance of Cena taking a clean pin. You heard us right fans…It’s back to the drawing board in West Newbury, MA for the man that fans love to hate (except if you’re a kid or a teenage girl).” Winner: The Rock via pinfall

Jay Calderon (WrestlingINC.com writer): “I’m going to imagine that The Rock wins this encounter. In all likelihood, this isn’t going to be their only match. With Cena winning, they have no reason to bring The Rock back. With The Rock winning, WWE has the proper platform to raise interest in a rematch.” Winner: The Rock