– Finlay spoke with Wrestling101.com recently and said he will be working with Tajiri’s new company in Japan. They are looking to launch in May. No official word yet on Finlay’s WWE status but talk over WrestleMania 28 weekend was that he’s back as an agent.

– WWE Diva AJ Lee is still recovering from Daniel Bryan breaking up with her on SmackDown but is getting ready for tonight’s live show. She wrote on Twitter last night: “Smackdown tomorrow. Perhaps I will put down this tub of mint chocolate chip ice cream & Alanis Morrissette cd, and do something productive.”

– WWE Superstar JTG debuted a new look before last night’s RAW Supershow in Washington, DC. He lost the dark match to Damien Sandow but came out with new gear and a new shorter hairstyle. JTG wrote last week that it was time for new gear and that he was a big fan of rapper Lil’ Wayne so that might influence his decision. A fan wrote that his previous ring gear was “too hot” to change. JTG replied, “well someone in the office doesn’t think so.lol”

You can check out his new look by clicking here.