Announcers In WWE '13, Update On Foley's Next Book, Batista's New Tattoo, Skidmarks

- Mick Foley wrote the following about his next childrens book that comes out later this year and features The Miz, CM Punk and John Cena, among others: "I just finished the new revision of my upcoming @WWE holiday tale "A Most Mizerable Christmas" - I think everyone, even @MikeTheMiz will love it."

- Former WWE Tough Enough contestant Ryan "Skidmarks" Howe is now engaged to Jesse Belle Smothers, the daughter of former WCW, WWE and ECW wrestler Tracy Smothers.

- Jim Ross indicated on Twitter that the WWE '13 video game will have more than two announcers providing commentary.

- Batista got a new tattoo of Marilyn Monroe yesterday. You can check it out below:


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