CM Punk Addresses WWE's Anti-Bullying Campaign After Telling Fan To Kill Himself

WWE Champion CM Punk spoke out on Amendment 1 Monday morning on Twitter as he strongly feels same sex marriage should be legalized in the state of North Carolina. The WWE Superstar subsequently told a fan on the microblogging website who disagreed with his beliefs to "kill yourself;" the message read, "Man was meant for woman, and even the thought of homo's make me sick." Punk was chastised for his harsh remark by another Twitter user, who reminded him of WWE's anti-bullying campaign 'be a STAR.'

"Telling someone to kill themselves? B A Star. How about creating a positive change instead of civil unrest? Ass.," the Twitter user wrote to the WWE Champion.

Punk, however, disagreed, as he said he's fighting bigotry. He responded, "Hey moron, don't try to hide behind the be a star campaign. I am a star. I'm fighting bigots here. Zero tolerance."

The WWE Superstar then poked fun at "dirtsheets" for reporting his earlier remark, writing, "Dirtsheets need to report that I have cilantro in my teeth. Then swallow tacks."

Punk continued to stir the pot on the microblogging site as he then hinted at surprises for tonight's Raw SuperShow.

"Trust me when I say this #RAW will be fantastic. #rumors #surprises #cilantro," he wrote. "I love knowing stuff nobody knows."


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