Dixie Carter Responds To Criticism Of Hulk Hogan

Steven Muehlhausen recently interviewed TNA President Dixie Carter on The Fight Club Chicago radio show. During the interview, Carter responded to criticism of Hulk Hogan and discussed what he's meant to TNA.

"I think people think he's just showing up and collecting some big fat paycheck, and it couldn't be further from the truth," said Carter. "This guy, this legend in our business, truly he surpasses the word wrestling itself. He is so immersed in our business and helping us grow our business on days he's not even on shows. He's driving an hour and a half to sit in on our agents' meetings and help working with agents and the talent on the night of the show. If we have a PPV and he's not on it, he's there. He's working his tail off.

"And then you have what Hulk Hogans bring to a company such as ours, and the doors it opens and the visibility it gives and that's everything. He's making business calls for us, he's talking to advertisers, he's showing up and working Viacom stuff. He's as vested as you can possibly be and I think he will always be known for so many big, big things throughout his career. I am hopeful that this period of his life, even when he's not in the ring wrestling, will be one that fans are proud of how much he's giving back to this sport and how he's helping these young guys grow and what he's doing for our industry."

Carter also discussed the signing of MMA Superstar King Mo, Kurt Angle and much more. You can listen to the complete interview by clicking here.


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