Hustler Wins Case Over Nancy Benoit Pics, Shane Douglas Note, Shane Helms, More

- Former WWE/WCW superstar Shane "Hurricane" Helms appeared on the MMA Show with Mauro Ranallo yesterday promoting the iMMA Fight Fan free iPhone app. You can check out a clip of the interview at this link. You can also download the app for free by clicking here.

- The 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals sided with Hustler magazine in a case against the family of Nancy Toffolini Benoit. The magazine had published 24-year-old nude photos of Nancy after she was murdered by husband Chris Benoit in 2007. The magazine claimed that they could print the photos because they were newsworthy, while the family argued that they didn't have permission to publish the pictures. A jury had decided to penalize the magazine $19.6 million in 2011, which was later reduced to $250,000. That fine was then vacated after the court ruled that there wasn't enough evidence to support the penalty.

- Shane Douglas recently spoke to The Soscia Network Radio Show in Philadelphia before this past weekend's Extreme Reunion show. "The Franchise" discussed his former Dynamic Dudes tag team partner John Laurinaitis, why he left WWF in the 90's, his meetings with Vince McMahon before he came in as Dean Douglas, his WWF run and much more. You can check out the three-part interview below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

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