JBL Remembers The Day Owen Hart Passed Away, Wrestling Shortly After His Death

As noted earlier, today marks the 13-year anniversary of Owen Hart's tragic passing. Hart died on May 23, 1999 after an equipment malfunction during his entrance at the Over the Edge pay-per-view from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. JBL wrote about that fateful day on his Facebook page today.


"13 years ago Owen Hart passed away tragically, I remember going in and telling Undertaker who was going over his match," he wrote. "Ron and I had dressed with Owen that day in KC and later we were questioned but never testified in the lawsuit. Vince was overwhelmed and gave us option of finishing show or not wrestling-we decided to wrestle. There wasn't a right decision. A wonderful man that is sorely missed. So many great memories about Owen, so many great ribs-he was the best. He and Davey were quite the duo:) RIP to a great friend.

"Owen dressed with Ron and I that day in KC, was a small dressing room so we were there during all the discussion about the stunt-but had nothing to offer that merited us testifying in the lawsuit. We wrestled shortly after Owen died, I don't think right after I think it was a couple of matches later-can't remember. Was tough because we knew he had died but no one knew what to do-to wrestle or not to wrestle, Vince was great and told everyone that they could do what they wanted-no pressure, he really didn't know what to do...no one did. Owen was a perfect family man and role model-one of the great ones."


JBL also shared some funny ribs that Owen would pull, including one that resulted in Chief Jay Strongbow not speaking to him for awhile, you can check out his Facebook page by clicking here.

Jason Beck contributed to this article.