Scott Steiner Rips Hulk Hogan's New Concept & Orlando Jordan Angle

I was kidding last week when I said that Scott Steiner's Twitter rants were becoming a daily feature, but it looks like it's happening. Here is the latest from Big Poppa Pump:

"Everytime hogan talks to the media without a script he sounds like a F'n idiot... Now hogan is sayin hes going to give more power to the fans get them more involved... Make them more important,BUT,thats all he can speak on it right now,F-CK... R U kidding me no other business in the world would allow 2 a-sholes to come into a company, Drive it to the lowest ratings EVER continue the low ratings for 2 1/2 cut down most employees In the media,and still have a job,what is Tna n Spike Tv officials thinking

"First off hogan there is nobody more important than the fans,without fans There is no wrestling,dumba-s,and second theres this new invention calld the nielson ratings system And the fans are choosing not to be involved in the bullsh-t that you n b-tchoff brought to Tna And are using their power to change the channel...

"This new brand,concept will be a fraud just like changing it to impact wrestling where 'wrestling matter' Which was a crock of sh-t bcuz nothing changed,this is nothing but smoke... But they are not wrestlings target audience,wrestlings demographics are basically the same as nascar fans Wrestler portraying the same on Tv

"now i have NOTHING against gay ppl 'to each his own' Hogan brought in Orlando Jordan n introduced the wrestling audience to the first openly gay Plus we were filming at universal where the fans were familys with kids from the park,at first They did segments with Orlando in front of the live crowd n some familys were appaud n left Bcuz his first stuff was him lusting over another wrestling which was bullsh-t,so then they starting doing His segments backstage,so the live crowd wouldnt see them,so im talking with Sting in the impact Zone one day,and we are both saying WTF is going on around here and he said he was going to Say something and that he cant watch the show anymore,so i start asking questions and find out that In the production meetings hogan thinks he could be the world champion,which i didnt understand Why at the time,then later his ex-wife comes out n said he was gay,Hogan i know u think u have a Strong brand name,but when yur ex-wife says yur gay You were Branded

"Every PPv sunday tna would have chapel and sting was pissed at the hypocrisy of it all But thats what hogan wanted,of course his business partner and lap dog was backing him Sayin controversy creates cash ....bullsh-t .. U motherf-ckers need to get a grip."

Meg contributed to this article.


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