The Washington Times has an article about Jesse Ventura’s new book, DemoCRIPS and ReBLOODlicans: No More Gangs in Government, which rips the current party system.

“The welfare of the American people is the third priority to any president. First there’s the promises to the corporations which paid millions of dollars to fund his campaign, next his allegiance to his political party, [and] third on the list is what would be best for the nation,” Ventura told The Washington Times. “It is my hope that this book is a step toward winning back our country. I can’t be an advocate for third party politics anymore because parties don’t run on ideas, they run on funding from sources interested in only amassing more power.”

You can check out the full article by clicking here.

– Matthew Castaneda, who wrestled for independent promotion World Power Wrestling as “Chippy Sanchez,” was convicted on Monday of two felony counts for sex with a then-12-year-old girl, but was acquitted of two other sex crime charges. Castaneda had befriended the girl on MySpace, and proceeded to take her to a pair of amusement parks before having sex with her at a hotel in Anaheim, CA. The girl had her age listed as 19 on her MySpace profile, but allegedly told Castaneda that she was 16 during their online chats. The girl testified that Castaneda forced himself upon her, while Castaneda’s attorney stated that the two did have six, but it was consensual and that her client should be convicted of lesser molestation charges. You can read more about the case at by clicking here.

– Arda Ocal of theScore Television Network recently caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Hacksaw Jim Duggan, who spoke about his new autobiographical release, Hacksaw.

“[The book] is actually a more positive look at pro wrestling, a lot of guys are bitter,” said Duggan. “People see the movie ‘The Wrestler’ with that jerk Mickey Rourke and think we are all destitude degenerates. A lot of people have been successful in our business. I’ve been with my wife 28 years, my kids go to school, I live a normal life. Tito Santana is the same way, Roddy Piper is the same way. I thought it was important to hear our side of the story too.”

You can watch the interview below: