– Cody Rhodes is backstage with Eve Torres talking about the battle royal from earlier tonight and Christian’s return. He says it’s a good thing Christian chose the US Title shot because he would have embarrassed him. Christian appears and says Cody is full of crap. He’s changed his mind and wants to face Cody for the Intercontinental Title tonight.

The Miz vs. Brodus Clay

The Miz comes out for the next match and has a mic. He says the fans should be on their feet praising him since they get to see him twice in one night. Miz says he’s found what’s wrong with WWE and that’s Brodus Clay. Miz says people liking Brodus is pathetic. Miz says he’s the most must-see WWE star of all-time and the best dancer in WWE. Miz says he’s going to prove that right now. Miz says hit the music and has his theme song played. Miz starts dancing, kind of, until Brodus Clay’s music hits and out he comes with his dancers. During the intro of Brodus, they botch it and still have Miz’s music playing. Brodus and his dancers hit the ring as Miz looks on.

Miz charges but Brodus knocks him away. A big shoulder sends Miz to the floor to regroup. Miz comes right in and slaps Brodus. Brodus gets pissed and unloads on Miz, taking him to the corner. Miz kicks Brodus in the head and drops him down over the top rope. Brodus with a big shot to the gut and a knee to the face. Brodus with headbutts to the back now. Brodus with a big throw for a 2 count. Brodus knocks Miz out of the ring and into the fan barrier. He follows to the floor and continues the assault on Miz. Miz counters and rams Brodus shoulder first into the ring post. Miz brings it back in the ring and climbs to the top. He comes down and staggers Brodus. Miz with a clothesline in the corner and back tot he top he goes. Miz with another big shot that takes Brodus to one knee. Miz with a kick to the face for a 1 count.

Brodus fights back with clotheslines and a big headbutt as Miz charges in. Brodus runs into a boot in the corner but knocks Miz down on the top. Brodus climbs up with him. Brodus with a big overhead throw from the top. Brodus runs the ropes and hits the big splash for the win.

Winner: Brodus Clay

– We go to replays as kids come in the ring to dance with Brodus and his dancers.