WWE Superstars React To The Big Show's Heel Turn

In a WWE.com exclusive, in-character superstars discussed The Big Show's actions at Over The Limit, where Show helped Raw and Smackdown! GM John Laurinaitis stay in power with a victory over John Cena.

Zack Ryder: "Thanks to The Big Show, John Cena lost. Thanks to The Big Show, John Laurinaitis is still in power. Big Show...Thanks for nothing."

Jey Uso: "The Big Show helping Big Johnny win tonight -- it was the last thing that would ever cross me and Jimmy's mind. ... I mean, he just fired Big Show. I guess when you're mind is just on a rampage, you just do drastic stuff. It's very shocking to us and of course the WWE Universe. Last thing on our mind, man. I thought we'd win the lottery before we ever saw this."

Jimmy Uso: "Just when you think you know somebody, they go and do something like that. Makes you second-guess who you're around and who you think you know. You know what I'm saying?"

Tyson Kidd: "You hold somebody up to a certain level, almost a pedestal, and you see them go out there with their actions. You almost feel like an idiot and you can never look at the guy the same. If I ever respect The Big Show again, I'd be surprised."

Kofi Kingston: "I almost feel like John Laurinaitis had this whole thing planned. We were on here last week, talking about how bad we felt for Show. I'm sure the WWE Universe felt the same way. He's out there crying, had us feeling bad for him. Then, he comes in and does what he does."

R-Truth: "Hog-wash. Completely hog-wash. I'm baffled. He hit Little Jimmy with the 52 fake out. ... He okie-doked the whole Universe. 'Now you see it, now you don't. I'm crying, now I ain't crying. I'm laughing at you.' He laughed at every last one of us."

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