Another Detailed Set Of Results From Tonight's SmackDown Taping

Thanks to reader Cody Zon for sending in these results from tonight's SmackDown taping in Baltimore, MD:

The show started off strong with a Big Show promo. Show said he couldn't care less about Laurinaitis being fired and made excuses for his loss to Cena. He said he was going to win Money in the Bank. Brodus Clay came out with his dancers, but didn't dance at all and immediately went after Big Show. He got a huge load of offense and didn't let Big Show get any in. David Otunga went after his leg and gave Big Show the advantage. Show knocked Brodus out. Otunga then cut a promo on Brodus and started dancing and flexing his muscles. The crowd was pretty behind Brodus and booed the heck out of Big Show.


Two supposed jobbers defeated Ryback when they hit him with steel chairs behind the referees back. Just kidding of course. Ryback defeated the jobbers in a typical Ryback squash match. The crowd was strongly behind Ryback and cherished every move he hit. The people I was around were loving every moment of it.

Mick Foley is backstage with Yoshi Tatsu. Vickie Guerrero comes in and Tatsu tells her she is ugly. Guerrero announces she'll be guest hosting next week's Raw and SmackDown. She says if Foley does anything wrong she'll make him her assistant next week and Foley likes that idea because he'll be on two weeks in a row. The Great Khali enters the scene and the crowd is cricketing. Expect for him to get a huge pop when the show airs due to WWE's tendency of adding artificial crowd noises.


Alberto Del Rio beat Christian in one hell of a match. The crowd didn't really care about Del Rio, but then again who does? Lots of close falls and false finishes, and Del Rio won when Ricardo distracted Christian on the top rope, where Del Rio was able to kick him off and execute an Armbar. After the match, Rhodes came out and beat up Christian and attacked his arm.

Kane defeated Daniel Bryan with a chokeslam. Was a little sloppy but entertaining. A.J. was the "guest timekeeper." When Bryan had Kane in the Yes Lock and AJ rung the bell despite Kane not tapping. That allowed Bryan to release the hold only to be informed the match wasn't over. Kane chokeslammed Bryan and pinned him. Bryan was super over with the crowd but Kane received a nice pop too.

Mick Foley comes out and cuts a brief promo. We get a huge pause and Mick Foley says he's going to try again. He cuts the exact same promo but then Heath Slater's music hits. It seemed as if the promo was redone because Heath Slater's music missed its cue. Heath cuts a decent promo and complains about what happened on Raw the night before. Foley introduces Heath's opponent, and it's Zack Ryder.

Ryder defeated Heath Slater. He was over with the crowd but not nearly as much as he was the last time WWE went to Baltimore at the TLC PPV.


Backstage, Ryder and Foley are celebrating and Damien Sandow explains to Zack Ryder his ignorance. Looks as if they'll be having a mini-program which culminates with Sandow defeating Ryder next week.

Darren Young and Titus O'Neil defeated The Usos when A.W. screwed The Usos out of a win. Titus O'Neil capitalized on one of The Usos for a three-count.

Backstage, Primo and Epico argued with the Prime Time Players before punching A.W. to a huge pop. They brawled for a little bit.

SUPPOSEDLY DARK: Santino Marella did a segment where he exposed the best signs in the arena. One sign praised Santino Marella and Santino brought the lady with the sign to the ring. She was ecstatic and she made out with Marella. Obviously staged and will probably not be aired on TV.

DARK: Jack Swagger cut a promo complaining about not being included on SmackDown (also a dark segment) but Triple H came out and Pedigreed Swagger. The crowd was super ecstatic for Triple H.

Sheamus defeated Ziggler in a decent main event but it was a bit disappointing considering it was super predictable and nothing really came out of it.

DARK: John Cena defeated Big Show and David Otunga in the dark main event when Cena Attitude Adjusted Big Show after he accidentally knocked out Otunga. After the match, John Laurinaitis hit John Cena with a chair but Cena Attitude Adjusted him as well to leave the crowd left happy.


Overall a solid show. No story lines were introduced or advanced except for Brodus Clay vs. David Otunga. Besides the opening promo, the Money in the Bank PPV was not mentioned one time.

Cody Zon contributed to this article.