Christian Discusses Teaming With Edge, Finding Out About His Retirement has an interview with WWE Intercontinental Champion Christian, who was promoting this Sunday's SmackDown live event at the US Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, IL. During the interview, Christian discussed teaming with Edge early in his career.


"We kind of helped each other and pushed each toward the same goals," Christian said. "We made each other better because we were on the same wavelength... we decided when the time was right for us to go our separate ways."

Christian also revealed the phone call he received from Edge after he found out he would need to retire.

"Yeah, I was the first person he called after he got the news (about the injury). It was one of those things where I had to listen and be there for him," Christian stated. "I could tell he was upset about it once it sunk in. I told him that if was writing the end to his story, this was the perfect way to finish it off, just winning the WrestleMania (XXVII) world championship, the biggest show of the year. You can't write a better ending than that."


Christian also spoke about being the Intercontinental champion and wanting to have a long career, you can check out the full article by clicking here.