CM Punk Still Wants Match With Chris Brown, Jericho Continues Countdown, Funaki, Birthdays

- WWE referee Jack Doan turns 40 years old today while ECW Original Jerry Lynn turns 49.

- Chris Jericho continued his suspension countdown on Twitter this morning with some lyrics from Spinal Tap:

"'These go to 11' 'Why don't you just make ten louder and call ten the loudest' 'these go to 11'"


- Former WWE Superstar Funaki has opened a new wrestling school in San Antonio, Texas called The Funaki Dojo. They are now accepting new students.

- WWE Champion CM Punk appeared on The Bower Show in Connecticut yesterday to promote last night's RAW Supershow. Punk was asked about the recent Twitter feud with Chris Brown and said he wanted to do a charity match with all the money going to a women's shelter. When promoting RAW, Punk wasn't aware that it was a three-hour show.