Doug Williams On If Impact Will Go On The Road, Going Live, Favorite Opponents, Time In TNA

TNA star Doug Williams recently spoke to before appearing at a Scottish Wrestling Alliance show. Here are some of the highlights:

Talent in the UK: "Generally the talent in the UK has improved a lot, I put that down to the major companies (not just America, Japan too) signing a lot more guys from the UK, so people are starting to work on their characters, wrestling ability, their look, just everything has improved over the last three years."

On how he got started with TNA: "They always did the World X Cup, and they wanted a Team International, comprising of guys that weren't part of the countries involved in the other teams. I had known guys from TNA since 2003, so in 2008 they contacted me about doing the World X Cup and also their first UK tour and the events leading up to that. They signed me off the back of that really. I had known them for years though, they had kind of asked me every year to do it, but 2008 was the first year I was able to do it."

Why did he not accept previously? "Just previous commitments, either tied up in Japan or ROH and just not being able to get the dates."

Time in TNA: "[laughs] Well it's been productive! I've won all the belts except the world title. It's slowed down a bit in the last year and a half but I'm sure it will pick up again. They can't keep the same guy going all the time, it's unfair on the other talent; things come in cycles."

Impact going live: "It's a better thing, in terms that people won't know whats happening, the surprise is there for the audience. Whether it will effect ratings…I dunno, need to wait and see. I know a lot of the other wrestlers would much rather wrestle live."

Impact going on the road: "If the live ratings increase significantly, I imagine it will then. The problem with it going on the road is it has to generate more income, which thus far it hasn't, so they're not keen to do it. If the live effect has some impact, no pun intended, on the ratings then maybe they'll consider it again. I know everybody wants to do it, because the shows look a lot better, but obviously there is the business side that people need to consider.

Who he would still like to wrestle in TNA: "I would like a longer match with Kurt Angle, we've done like five minutes on TV. I'd like to carry on my program with AJ Styles… maybe something with Samoa Joe."

Favorite opponents: "Christopher Daniels or Jerry Lynn have probably been my favorite opponents. In TNA, probably the Machine Gunns, Alex Shelly and Sabin… there's so many to choose from."

Williams also discussed being back in the UK, differences between the American and European crowds, the U.K. tour, wrestling Ric Flair in London and more. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.



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