ECW Chants During Chris Brown - Drake Brawl (Video), Sandman & Saturn Added, Shane Helms App

- Figure 4, LLC and Shane Helms have released the iMMA Wrestling Fan app for the Android OS. The iMMA branded apps are event locators that displays professional wrestling events and MMA events by date, and closest to you (using GPS w/ directions). You can download the app by clicking here.

- Extreme Rising will now present two live events on June 29th and June 30th. They have confirmed that former ECW World Champion The Sandman will be appearing on both shows, while former ECW Tag Team Champion Perry Saturn has been added to the June 30th event. You can get the current card for both shows as well as more information at

- Speaking of "extreme," singer Chris Brown, rapper Drake and their respective crews were involved in a brawl at the W.i.P. night club in New York City on Wednesday night. During the melee, Brown's head of security was smashed in the head with a bottle. The crowd started chanting "ECW" as he was escorted out of the club by security. You can check out footage from the brawl below, with the "ECW" chants starting at the 0:35 mark:

@ShoSmoove and Dom Budassi contributed to this article.


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