Ernest "The Cat" Miller Believes Brodus Clay Stole His Gimmick

Recently, Ernest "The Cat" Miller was interviewed by Tha O Show. During the conversation, Miller discussed the similarities between his WCW character and the current gimmick Brodus Clay is running with.


On Brodus Clay and the Funkasaurus gimmick being similar to Miller's WCW character: "I haven't really had a chance to watch it yet but I've heard things about it. But, I mean, I don't know how to take it. It's something strange because everything they're doing, it's stuff I created," Miller said. "It's not that they came up with it or somebody else came up with it. I created that whole character from the phrase 'Call my momma' to everything. It was originated right here with me.

"So, for them to take it and give it to someone else, that shows me that maybe I need to be a writer. Maybe I need to be getting a check from them to create character.

"I'm just surprised they couldn't come up with something better. It seems like it'd be a slap in the face if they come up with a character that was already out there. It wasn't that long ago. The last time I wrestled in WWE was 2004 or 2005," expressed Miller.


"I've met this guy before they put this character on him. He seemed like a really, smart, nice guy. When they came to Atlanta, he rode around with him. We went and had dinner. I took him to some of my favorite places; me, him and Mark Henry and a couple of other guys.

"But... I'm not saying I'm a legend but why would you take a character and just put him out there like that and still air the f*cking thing? I mean, there's nothing original about what he's doing. Nothing! People ask me, 'Are you mad?' I'm not mad, I'm confused. Why would they do that?"

Check out the interview below.

Source: Tha O Show