FCW Heavyweight Title Changes Hands Twice, Recent WWE Attendance And More

- The May 21st WWE RAW Supershow had 295,000 homes watching on tape or DVR while the May 28th RAW Supershow had 315,000 homes watching on delay.

- WWE has hired more employees for the Network and they continue to covert a lot of footage to digital.


- The WWE Supershow on June 15th from Augusta, Maine drew 4,200 fans for $140,000. The Supershow on June 16th in Lowell, Massachusetts drew 5,000 fans for $190,000.

- FCW did a double switch with the FCW Heavyweight Title on June 16th at a WWE developmental show in Crystal River, Florida. Seth Rollins first lost the title to Rick Victor and in the next match, Victor lost the title to Bo Dallas, the former Bo Rotunda. Victor is said to be one of the better workers in FCW.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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