Gene Okerlund Critical Of Ric Flair, Discusses Flair Vs. Hogan In 1992

Recently, Gene Okerlund was interviewed by Inside The Ropes. One of the questions asked was about Ric Flair and Gene gave a rather interesting answer.

"I have tremendous respect for what Ric has accomplished," Okerlund said. "He could have been the Babe Ruth, so to speak, of WWE. But, he decided after that match with Shawn Michaels and his induction into the Hall of Fame, that he still should be working.


"Now, you've got a guy who's 60-years-old," continued Gene. "That's probably not what the office would want to put out in the ring and have him work every night. Ric wanted to work every night, hence, he moved on to greener pastures. I don't think it was the right move for him and he and I have talked about it, but he did move on."

Gene was also asked about why a match between Flair and Hulk Hogan didn't happen during Flair's initial run with WWE. While Gene said he wasn't sure, he believes the egos of the people involved stopped it from happening.

"I've heard so many different theories as to why it didn't happen. Randy Savage, by the way, had a little stroke at that time and he thought it was premature. He shared that information with Vince. Ric was getting a little tough to work with at that point with the demands he was making on the office. Hogan's going to do it one way; his way. Period," Gene stated.


"So, I think all those components lead to the downfall of that match actually taking place in Indianapolis and and it became a Flair/Macho Man match and a very good one. But, not the match that everyone wanted to see," Okerlund concluded.

You can check out Okerlund's comments below:

Source: Inside The Ropes