JBL Plants A WWE Flag On Mt. Elbrus, What's Next For His Seven Summits Campaign

- WWE's website has a new in-depth blog up from JBL where the former WWE Champion discusses his climb of Russia's 18,511-feet high Mt. Elbrus for his Seven Summits campaign for charity. While the Mt. Elbrus climb had to be called off due to a storm that was coming, JBL says he will return there next summer because the storm has already closed the mountain off.


JBL wrote that his lips were bleeding from exposure and the blisters on his feet are so bad he can't wear shoes. JBL's next scheduled climb will be Kilimanjaro in September. He is planning on training until then. JBL will then climb in South America and Antarctica before January. Mt. Everest, the final climb, is scheduled for spring 2014.

While he didn't finish the Elbrus climb, JBL did manage to plant a WWE flag and the Bermuda flag at more than 17,000 feet up:

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