Jeff Hardy Talks Returning To TNA After Victory Road 2011, Impact Going Live, More

Jeff Hardy joined "Monday Night Mayhem" on the Wrestleview Radio Network yesterday and discussed his return to Buffalo on Friday, Impact Wrestling going live in the summer on Spike TV and more. Here are some highlights:


On returning to Buffalo this Friday night for a TNA Wrestling live event: "We are doing so many fresh new things. We will rock the house this Friday night. The fan interaction is amazing. You would never experience this over there (WWE). It's how I've been my whole career. The fans come first and I always take time to communicate with the fans. At our shows the fan interaction is so cool and so beyond anything else in pro wrestling. You get so close to your favorite stars."

On returning to TNA following the "Victory Road 2011" PPV incident: "I honesty think and feel I'm at the top of my game. I've been through the hard times and dark times. Now being a father I'm so inspired with music, painting and wrestling. Once you see me that is a moment that you will never forget. I'm having the best matches in my life and wrestling the smartest ever. I'm in love with life again."


Why he enjoys the TNA working schedule: "It's huge for the quality of life. Every now and then, the human body needs that week off. At least at TNA when you have six or seven straight days off. Your body needs that. I'm extremely proud of TNA and we are doing a lot of shows that aren't televised. We are working our asses off to get things done. For the quality of life, it is a huge difference to be in TNA."

If he has anything left to accomplish in TNA or pro wrestling: "Nothing – there is nothing more I want to do. I've done everything I've dreamed up. It would be nice to become TNA Champion and end the selfish generation. Man, I can't complain. I have a great life and have a beautiful family. I love TNA and what we are doing. If I never won the title again, I'm fine. I just want to keep my health and avoid any kind of surgeries."

On Impact Wrestling going live in the summer on Spike TV: "It's a huge step for TNA and Impact Wrestling. I couldn't be more happier. I love the fact that if you make a mistake it will be witnessed by everyone who watches that night. I used to be on a show on Monday night that was live and was always excited about it as well. There is no editing involved. It's a huge step and (we will) take it week by week."


Other topics discussed included, if he has any interest becoming part of the TNA or WWE Hall of Fame, his honest thoughts on the Bound for Glory Series, why he isn't a fan of Facebook and more. You can listen to the entire show at

Source: Monday Night Mayhem