Jim Ross Blogs About Punk As WWE Champion, Goldberg Chants At Ryback, Bryan - Austin

WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with his latest blog looking back at last night's No Way Out pay-per-view, here are some highlights:

The WWE Championship match: "For my PPV dollars, the match of the night was the WWE Title bout featuring Champion CM Punk, Daniel Bryan, and Kane with a timely cameo by AJ. I felt like everyone involved in the process came to play and delivered big time. The veteran Kane's outing was special considering this is another in a long line of PPV bouts for the Big Red Machine who moved around like a young kid.


CM Punk as WWE Champion: "Punk's tenure as WWE Champion is making the coveted WWE Title more meaningful and it's obvious that Punk's popularity is growing. I'm a big fan of CM Punk and feel that he' ranks with the most compelling WWE Champions in recent memory. Punk is smart, physical and durable which are all traits that are invaluable to WWE on many fronts."

Daniel Bryan being perceived as "too small": "Daniel Bryan is a joy to watch wrestle. People who think Bryan is 'too small' likely haven't had their ass kicked in real combat and especially had it kicked by a smaller person. I can easily see Daniel Bryan becoming one of WWE's most popular superstars simply because the fans seemingly are beginning to demand it.


"Same thing happened to Steve Austin back in the day when he was working his tail off to be a star, wrestling villain but the fans demanded that Stone Cold become a fan favorite. The paying customers, IE the fans, always have the final say at the end of the day on these matters.

"Excellent in ring work, especially in today's world, is quickly and vocally acknowledged by fans who are paying for tickets and paying attention."

Goldberg chants at Ryback: "Ryback's growth is noticeable and I've enjoyed his feats of strength while he's destroyed two opponents at once. This has given Ryback what every talent should desire...a spotlight. Soon, without question, Ryback will 'graduate' to high quality opponents but the Goldberg chants aren't likely to go away soon. I don't see @Goldberg chants as being a negative. They are what they are and Goldberg is still, as he should be, considered a huge star by many long time fans. I'm convinced that some fans chant Goldberg at Ryback just because other fans are chanting it.

"Ryback is evolving into an attraction and I'm sure that he will be utilized as such."

Much more is contained in JR's latest blog, including his thoughts on Dolph Ziggler's future, if he'll be at RAW 1000, Christian vs. Cody Rhodes and more. You can check out the full entry by clicking here. And don't forget to order some of JR's BBQ Sauce, which is great for the kitchen and the grill, at WWEShop.com by clicking here.


Source: JR's BBQ