Shelly Martinez Discusses Falling In Love With Wrestling Again, Latest Video Promos

In the latest edition of Fun Time Radio (available at, Shelly Martinez interviews Rod Dovlin of NWA Hollywood and discusses falling in love with wrestling again.

"I went to NWA Hollywood in November, and I went there because I needed a B-2 shot of wrestling. I had such a struggling relationship with wrestling. I wanted to love it again, after I did that Smashing Pumpkins video, I wanted to love it again. And so Brian (her photographer) and I go to NWA Hollywood and I fell in love with wrestling again. And then a couple months ago, WWE was in (Los Angeles) and we went to the show, and was all excited and I was like "Yeah! I love wrestling!" because of NWA Hollywood," Martinez says. "And I look down at the ring and I said, "That used to be my job, that used to be my office. I said, "Oh my gosh Brian, I don't think I'm done."

Shelly recalls anticipating some high-flying action at the WWE show and is reminded that her former employer doesn't showcase that style of wrestling.

She continues, "I had re-fallen in love you see with wrestling through NWA Hollywood. So it's almost like when you have a relationship and you had your first love, it's almost like you forget about how that even was because you already re-found love and it's a better love."

Shelly has also posted videos promoting her match this Saturday against Amber O'Neal for Fire Star Pro Wrestling at The Fair Grounds in Eden, North Carolina. Event information is available here.