Robbie E and Robbie T vs. Garett Bischoff and Devon

We go to the ring and out first comes the team of Robbie E and Robbie T. TNA Television Champion Devon is out next with his partner Garett Bischoff.

Robbie E starts things out with Bischoff and takes control. Bischoff turns it around and runs over Robbie with clotheslines. Bischoff with a scoop slam. Robbie E retreats and tags in Robbie T. Garett ducks a clothesline and fires away on T. T shakes it off and grabs him for a slam. Garett slides out and goes for a low dropkick. Garett gets tripped by Robbie E. E pulls him to the floor and works him over as the referee is distracted. We see Madison Rayne appear on the ramp. She’s got some kind of secret crush on someone. Robbie E gets the tag and continues the assault on Bischoff.

E and T continue beating up Bischoff and get some double team action in. Robbie T gets tagged back in and hits a big sideslam as E comes off the top with an elbow for a 2 count as Devon breaks the pin. Madison just smiles from the stage. Garett finally takes Robbie E down and looks to tag Devon in. Devon comes in and unloads on Robbie E. Devon knocks T off the apron and hits a big Thesz press on E. Devon drops a headbutt and another big slam. Garett stops T from making the save as Devon puts away E for the win.

Winners: Devon and Garett Bischoff

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